Silhavý: Barák did not always behave correctly in the team, but the door is not closed

Silhavý: Barák did not always behave correctly in the team, but the door is not closed

Šilhavý: Barák did not always behave well in the team ;outside, but the door is not closedé

Rematch of the semi-final of the European Conference League: FC Basel – ACF Fiorentina, 18 May 2023. Antonín Barák of Fiorentina celebrates the victory.

Prague – Coach Jaroslav Šilhavý surprisingly did not include midfielder and one of the most experienced members of the current squad, Antonín Barák, in the nomination of the national football team for the June matches in the Faroe Islands and Montenegro. The absence of the 28-year-old attacking midfielder of Italian Fiorentina, who has 37 starts for the national team, was explained by the coach at the press conference by saying that he was not behaving properly in the team. According to Šilhavý, the door back to the national team is not closed for Barák.

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“It's not for health reasons. We talked with Tonda several times at the last meetings and we talked about what things we didn't like and what needs to be improved. The behavior in the team from Tonda's point of view was not always quite right, so it came to such a decision that we left him out for the upcoming meeting,” Šilhavy told journalists about the nomination.

“Our team is based on cohesion. We always present ourselves with this, the results at the European Championship, where we reached the quarter-finals, were proof of that. The team is the highest value for us. For this reason, Tonda is not in the nomination this time,” Šilhavý added.

Šilhavý: Barák did not always behave in the team úperfectly correct, but the door is not closedé

He did not want to divulge the exact reasons why Barák, who will play next week with Fioretina in the Prague final of the European Conference League against West Ham, was left out. “I wouldn't comment on that. We have internal rules with the players when we interview them. I wouldn't like to reveal it to the media,” said the coach.

According to the manager of the national team Tomáš Pešír, the reason for Barák's absence in the nomination is not sports performance. “It is not a question of an immediate decision, we already discussed it before the previous meetings. There are clear rules set in the team. I was also present at the last talks, the rules were not followed 100% by Tondo. It is not about whether Tondo is defending or not defending, the sports aspect does not play a role in his case,” Pešir pointed out.

Šilhavy admitted that it was not an easy decision. “It's not a matter of last week that we won't take Tonda and that's it. We considered it. But not only me, but also the other guys involved in the nomination, we agreed that we felt that way. That's why we did it that way. Tomáš ( Pešír) also discussed it with the chairman (FAČR Fousek), we had a meeting, explained it and he knows about everything. But the responsibility for the final nomination rests with me,” declared Šilhavý.

According to the number of starts, Barák is the third most experienced player of the national team after captain Tomáš Souček and goalkeeper Tomáš Vaclík. In March, during the 3:1 win over Poland at the start of the European qualifiers, he only came on as a substitute in the 71st minute, on the other hand, in the next duel in a goalless draw in Moldova, he was not missing from the starting line-up.

“Tonda has been playing for a long time in Serie A , that is certainly respectable. We played the last home match against a tough opponent (Poland) and there we explained to Tondo that we were going into it with some intention. He did not start in the match from the beginning and we managed the match,” said Šilhavý. “The result does not depend only on one player, but on the team. Regarding the sports side, we discussed with Tonda at previous meetings that with his experience and quality, we would expect a greater transfer to the team,” he added.

According to him, the author of eight national team goals can return to the team. “Each player has a chance to influence his nomination with his form and performance. Of course, he has to follow the team rules. No one's door is closed, not even Tonda,” Šilhavý added.