Six abnormal signs that indicate a heart problem

Heart disease is usually associated with chest pain, but there are other signs that indicate problems of the cardiovascular sphere. They may be atypical, such as pain in the legs, night trips to the toilet, coughing.

Шесть нетипичных признаков, которые указывают на проблемы с сердцем

Pain in the legs. Do not ignore pain in the calf when walking that subsides, if you stop, she may be an atypical symptom of the deterioration of the heart. As well as pain in the region of the toes that occurs in the supine position and passing when standing up. These two types of pain indicate calcification of the blood vessels of the legs, increases the risk of developing a heart attack.

Frequent nocturnal urge to urinate. The deterioration of the heart prevents the normal circulation, the fluid from the veins into the tissue of the lower body. During sleep, accumulated over the day, the fluid flows back and is collected in the bladder. This causes of night urination in the toilet – another typical symptom that points to heart problems.

Erectile dysfunction. High blood pressure, hypertension damage the small blood vessels in the penis men. The result is a reduced potency, worsening erection.

Cough. Atypical a symptom that points to heart problems, is a cough that occurs night. The reason is the stagnation of blood circulation in the lungs.

Xanthelasma. Benign growths in the form of yellowish-orange knobby bumps of fat localized on the hands, knees, upper eyelids. Their appearance was the sign that indicate elevated cholesterol levels (hypercholesterolemia). This change suggests an increased risk of atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke.

Symptom hour glasses. Means the deformation of the nail plates become convex like a watch glass. It can also indicate problems with the heart — presumably the main cause of disease is violation of tissue oxygen supply, heart failure. These processes lead to the formation of many capillaries in the phalanges.

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