“Small, but valiant”: as a small talisman will help you achieve great success — esoteric

If you choose the right place for protection, it will benefit the home.

«Мал, да удал»: как небольшой талисман поможет достичь большого успеха — эзотерик

Know all about the magical properties of various talismans and amulets. Everyone knows, but not many do. Someone thinks that this is all false figures to attract buyers most of these talismans while others believe that there is no aura does not exist. But in any case, people want and believe in energy. Even on a subconscious level. Esoteric Alex Klimov said that really most of the amulets on sale — the usual fake. But this does not mean that no mascot will not be able to protect the person and his family. On the contrary, there are those that a person is able to do with their hands, and the mascot will help in the future to achieve greater success.

Expert Klimov told what and how to make your personal th mascot. You need a dried white rose petals, a small bottle, about 25 ml drop of paint and dried garlic. All you need to do is put all these ingredients in a bottle and drip into the paint. Paint color for each person must be his own. Esoteric notes that it is necessary to choose the most happy — the color of success. To do this, Alex advises to remember the brightest moments of your life and see the colors, brightest and most will be suitable.

According to the expert, this combination in the bottle will help to set the aura of the environment in a positive way. “Yes,the talisman is small. But as they say, small but perfectly formed,” — commented the expert. Klimov promises success and prosperity at home. But this mascot is also necessary to choose the right place in the house. Best place next to family photos or the same is to hang a bottle above the door. Then the aura of success will not be able to go out and will always be present in the house. Esoteric also mentioned that there is no obligation to do a lot of similar charms, their strength will not increase, and the time will be spent.

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