Small stores ask not to raise taxes in 2022

Small stores ask not to raise taxes in 2022

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Small stores ask not to raise taxes in 2022

Cristina Ochoa

Mexico City / 07.09.2021 11:35:22

The National Alliance of Small Merchants (Anpec) called on the authorities not to include it within the project of Expenditure Budget of the Federation (PEF) 2022 an increase in taxes.

In conference, Cuauhtémoc Rivera, president of said body, asked the legislators to “honor” the word and the commitment that they expect the president to expose in the budget proposal to create, increase or update taxes, as they considered that there are no conditions for it.

“The national economy it would not resist a measure of that nature, so the deputies are called upon to have the necessary and sufficient political sensitivity to understand this and honor the political commitment that the president is going to establish in his proposal, “he said.

He argued that legislators must demonstrate that they have responsibility and that they are responsible and ethical before the commitment they made to the voters.

“There are no conditions to raise the tax burden on Mexican consumption because the market would collapse; it would be a real national problem. We call on them to be ethical and to respond to that commitment that the president has established and that they somehow assumed, ”he said.

Anpec stated that within the package they should contemplate differentiated rates in the Services pay and taxes; guarantee free trade; road safety; increase the purchasing power of consumers, vaccination in small businesses and support for women entrepreneurs. In addition, he reiterated the importance of creating a revolving credit that adds to the recovery of the ecosystem.

“There is a financial weakness very strong, we are looking for a fund where there is money from the public and private sectors; that there is a bag of a fund that could be social and that everyone contributes to it. The programs should not be welfare, they have to be participatory, there needs to be a return. The design of public politics New that can have the participation of the whole of society is one of the most important ways; there will be no public money enough for the recovery, “he said.