Smearings and threats: Attacks on vaccination centers, especially in Bavaria and Saxony

Smearings and threats: Attacks on vaccination centers, especially in Bavaria and Saxony

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Smearings and threats: Attacks on vaccination centers, especially in Bavaria and Saxony

I.In almost all federal states there have been attacks on vaccination centers or sometimes serious disruptions to vaccination campaigns since the start of the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus. As a survey by the Evangelical Press Service (epd) among the ministries, state criminal police offices and an association of statutory health insurance physicians showed, it was mostly damage to property, especially graffiti. But there were also threats, insults, thefts, physical attacks and arson in Saxony. According to the survey, there were at least 190 police-relevant cases nationwide that are related to corona vaccinations. Most were registered in Bavaria and Saxony.

According to the Ministry of the Interior there, there have been a total of 56 criminal offenses in connection with vaccination centers in Bavaria since December 2020, and 54 in Saxony this year alone. The offenses directed against vaccination centers and campaigns are not uniformly recorded everywhere. Some federal states are therefore unable to provide specific figures.

Attack on a vaccination team in Thuringia

However, all countries primarily report property damage. In Saarland, for example, the word “poison center” was made from the lettering “vaccination center”. It was the only case there, however. Bremen also only registered one case. The two countries lead in the quota of corona vaccinations administered so far. Hamburg even reported that nothing “serious” was known in connection with attacks against vaccination centers or campaigns.

However, there were also cases of physical injuries in connection with vaccination campaigns. Saxony shows five such cases in the statistics, Saxony-Anhalt one case of dangerous bodily harm. The Thuringia Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians reported at the beginning of September of a serious attack on a vaccination team that was immunizing in a shopping center in Gera. A man there asked for a vaccination certificate without vaccination and reportedly hit the medical professionals when they refused to do so. Two people were injured as a result. In Schleswig-Holstein there were threatening letters to school administrators and other staff in connection with vaccination campaigns, in one case even a call for murder. It determines the public prosecutor’s office in each case.

According to the reports from the federal states, the cause of the damage or malfunctions could only be identified in a minority of cases. Around 30 suspects emerge from information, although not all countries were able to provide information. The damage adds up to several hundred or thousands of euros per state, Saxony even speaks of an amount of damage “in the lower five-digit range”.