“So I saved Bebe Vio in the operating room in April”: the surgeon speaks

“So I saved Bebe Vio in the operating room in April”: the surgeon speaks

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“So I saved Bebe Vio in the operating room in April”: the surgeon speaks

Twenty-four years and all the strength of life: like this Bebe Vio won individual gold in foil at the Tokyo Olympics, once again surprising the whole world with his will and ability. Immediately after the race, the 24-year-old from Mogliano Veneto revealed that in April she risked amputation of her left arm and even death. It was the professor’s team who saved her Riccardo Accept, head of Traumatology of the Irccs Galeazzi of Milan, which Bebe Vio wanted to thank publicly.

“If we had not intervened immediately, the untreated infection would have led to septicemia, and therefore also to death”, tells the head physician. Republic. The team of Professor Accept performed a real medical miracle, which combined with the determination of the 24-year-old champion made it possible to reach Tokyo a few months after the surgery.

“Bebe had a traumatic elbow subluxation in training and the elbow is right where she has the foil encased. They tried to treat her with the antibiotic but it wasn’t enough because the infection hit the joint, and if the infection went on it would destroy the joint. “

A strength, that of Bebe Vio which is contagious: “She has a willpower and a desire to live that she expresses everywhere: in competitions, in a hospital bed, in the strength to help children and young people who find themselves in the same situation. I met so many that she sent me and from her they learn to believe in the future ”.

The head physician also explains that Bebe Vio stayed 20 days in the hospital: “In 119 days she got the gold. Already during the hospitalization we started to make her move her elbow to recover the first movements and evaluate the wounds: we tried to make scars that did not bother her with the foil even if some pain must have felt in the race, so much so that in the last attacks she had to be medicated “.

Bebe Vio was very skeptical and didn’t want to leave training. But the danger was real and the family was instrumental in convincing her to undergo the operation. It was an exceptional recovery: “She is so small, tiny, very young, not even a mountain of man would have made it. But there it’s all a matter of head, of desire, and she has an inexhaustible reservoir of it ”.