Soccer is very cruel to Santos

Soccer is very cruel to Santos

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Soccer is very cruel to Santos

In the first leg final of the last tournament, Cruz Azul came to play at TSM for nothing and found a goal by accident, due to an oversight by the Santos defense. Cruz Azul thus obtained half a title.

Santos had been better with the ball, with the desire to propose and build a game, but it did not work.

For the rival, the strategy of waiting for the opponent’s error and trying to take advantage of it was enough. It worked for him.

Then came the return where Santos had an almost brilliant 45 minutes and made the whole country tremble that was eager to see Cruz Azul champion.

We all know the end: Cruz Azul had to be champion for all the mandates established in the country. They gave him the goal that made him champion.

Then came a new tournament and 2 days ago Cruz Azul applied the same in the same stadium and against the same rival, Santos … and took a draw. Pure mediocrity.

I develop all this framework because on Saturday against Tigres, now in the Volcano, Santos displayed a dominance and a football that almost scratched in the chair:

Tigres only saw her go by and both Omar Campos and Carrillo spent their time doing mischief in the left sector: Tigres’ defenders could not find solutions to stop those wonderful youngsters. Valdés had a great time thinking, inventing and building with his 100% cerebral game.

He had a very clear chance that he wasted. There was a great goal from Gorriarán that with his celebration unloaded all the courage he had inside for having missed that penalty against Cruz Azul on matchday 2.

In those he was the Santos in Monterrey, relaxed and playing at pleasure, until the dirty entrance of the new Frenchman from Tigres came, which has only served so that the blinded Monterrey fans go to receive him at the airport as if it were Mbappé or Haland.

Poor, they live hypnotized by how much their press inflates soccer players. Well, Thauvin was expelled when he entered the best player of the game up to that moment in a very ugly way:

Omar Campos.

The problem came when Santos, true to their custom, slowed down a bit and Tigres grew little by little.

The Tigres de Herrera does not play anything and his coach has already begun to grasp the speech of the referees (as always).

At the end came the cruelty for Santos who saw how Salcedo tied the game and even at the end they could lose it.

Something must be done: it is not fair that the one who always plays better does not get better results.