Sofia Rotaru may retire due to health problems

7 August Sofia Rotaru will be 73 years old, but she continues to delight fans with her powerful voice. Despite the love for the scene, the singer can finish his career because of health problems.

София Ротару может завершить карьеру из-за проблем со здоровьем

A few years ago after a concert Rotaru suffered a hypertensive crisis. The singer has been able to recover quickly and return to work. Last year the artist had several heart attacks.

Concert Director Sergey Lavrov said that Sofia Mikhailovna stands 45 years, but before every concert very excited and complains of the increasing pressure. While star has announced the termination of a career, but if you dare to take this step, to arrange a farewell arena tour.

Evgeny Doga believes that rotary has ceased to sing alone in 1974. All songs celebrity writes music in his personal Studio, Kiev. Concerts fans put only film. The composer is confident that health issues, the singer began because of her husband Anatoly Evdokimenko, forcing her to give four concerts a day passes NationNews.

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