Sokolovský will no longer coach Nymburk basketball players

Sokolovský will no longer coach Nymburk basketball players

Sokolovsk will no longer coach Nymburk basketball players

Nymburk basketball players coach Ladislav Sokolovský, December 13, 2022, Prague.

Nymburk – Nymburk basketball players will no longer be coached by sports director Ladislav Sokolovský. The club, which ceded the league throne to Opava after 20 years, is looking for a new coach. Sokolovský stated it on the club's website.

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“Who will be the coach is being decided now. There is a need for someone to come who has been coached much more. I have to learn more. The question is whether it will be in the position of an assistant, that is still a long way off. Player experience they are good, but it's not enough,” said Sokolovský.

He moved to the bench at the end of October after Nymburk's poor start to the season, after which the Latvian coach Roberts Štelmahers, who came in the summer as a replacement for the Slovenian Aleksander Sekulič, was dismissed . Former national team coach Pavel Budínský then became Sokolovský's assistant, who led Děčín in the league from 2004 to 2019 and won four silver and four bronze medals with him.

“He helped me. He had a lot of suggestions and it was up to me , whether I will follow it or not. I had the decision-making authority. I feel that it is necessary to continue to gather experience,” declared the forty-five-year-old Sokolovský, who with eleven titles is the second most successful player in the history of the league after Petr Benda.

The 18-time Czech champions did not go well last year. In the Champions League, Nymburk was eliminated in the group with a balance of two wins and four defeats. He stumbled unusually in the domestic top competition, suffered 11 defeats in 36 rounds and was eliminated in the playoffs in the semi-finals in the decisive seventh match against Opava.