Some unexpected consequences of extreme heat

Некоторые неожиданные последствия экстремальной жары

This weekend about 200 million Americans found themselves in conditions of incredible heat above 35 degrees Celsius. In conditions of high humidity living on the East coast and the Midwest are in even more burning cities. The heat not only affects our health, it has some unexpected consequences.

According to the Centers for disease control, on average, heat kills more people than any other extreme weather phenomenon in the United States. But the first unexpected exposure to heat is the fact that air conditioners make cities even warmer air conditioning is used in 87% of U.S. homes, and the load on the electrical network only adds to the heat because of the additional waste heat. In addition, it causes mass outages.

The second implication – airplanes can’t fly When the temperature becomes too high, the aircraft can not fly, because the air density increases. First of all, it concerns the sides of a smaller size, but even Boeing or Airbus will not fly at plus 50.

From the intense heat, the roads start to melt and crack. The asphalt deforms and melts, concrete, inside if there is water, sometimes it can even explode.

The metal becomes hotter, so burn out transformers and transmission lines. If the lines on burning the metal supports will SAG and sink down low enough to touch the ground or trees, they may withdraw. Rails is able to deform and cause a train derailment.

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