Speed ​​skater Sáblíková has another medal from the World Cup, she was bronze in the triple

Speed ​​skater Sáblíková has another medal from the World Cup, she was bronze in the triple

Speed ​​skater Sáblákovaá gavešá a medal from the WC, in the triple she was bronze

Czech figure skater Martina Sáblíková in the 3000 meters race at the World Championships in Heerenveen, March 2, 2023.

Heerenveen (Netherlands) – Speed ​​skater Martina Sáblíková won the bronze medal in 3000 meters race at the World Championships in Heerenveen. Favorite Ragne Wiklundová from Norway won, second was Irene Schoutenová from home. The 35-year-old Czech representative won her twelfth medal on this track, after six gold and five silver, she finished third for the first time in her career.

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Coach Petar Novák's protégé clocked the season's best time of 3:58.35 in the Thialf hall. She was 1.49 seconds behind the fastest Wiklund, who dominated the long-distance World Cup ranking this season. Last year's Olympic champion from Beijing Schoutenová was less than a second faster than Sáblíková.

“I still can't find the words, it hasn't dawned on me yet,” Sáblíková told ČTK and Czech Radio shortly after the medal ceremony, where she received the 31st medal from the world championships in her career. “I didn't even know that. Of course, I'm glad that I'm not leaving empty-handed. To tell the truth, I didn't count on it. I went here to enjoy the atmosphere and I enjoyed it,” the three-time Olympic champion noted.

Speed ​​skater Sáblákovaá dalšá medal from the WC, in the triple she was bronze

The native of Nové Město in Moravia presented herself in the mecca of this sport in the penultimate heat, in which she already knew the times of her main competitors. After missing the end of the SP, Schoultenová started already in the fifth pair and clocked an excellent time of 3:57.40.

In the eighth heat, Wiklundová introduced herself and overtook the Dutch star. In addition, the Canadian Valerie Maltaisová, who also got under the four-minute mark, followed the Norwegian favorite to an excellent time. However, Sáblíková subsequently confirmed her good form from Tomaszów Mazowiecki, where the SP series culminated in February. She followed up on two medal positions from Poland and expanded her rich collection of medals.

“I waited until the end, because the last two competitors who rode after me were able to keep their wheels until the end. Two laps before the finish line, it was not clear yet,” Sáblíková pointed to the Canadians Isabelle Weidemannová and Ivania Blondinová, who started after her . But none of them threatened her in the end.

Sáblíková was very proud of the fact that she rode in the heat with home Joy Beune, who was ahead of her until the last lap. “It wasn't so much about the lap time I was doing, but not losing contact with her. I'm usually faster on the last lap. The plan was to stick with her and when I was riding a lap faster than her, that was the engine that pushed me forward. You feel that you could beat the other,” said Sáblíková.

In addition, she had information from coach Novák that she was going for a time of 3:58. “So I knew if I did, I'd be third. I knew Ireen (Schoulten) and the unstoppable Ragne (Wiklund) were going the way they were going. Then I was just waiting for the last heat,” she said.

Coach Petr Novák, who has been by Sáblíková's side throughout her career, was also extremely satisfied. “It's great. Martina will leave the World Championships again with a medal, and we still have five to go,” smiled Novák.

The 5,000-meter race awaits Sáblíková on Sunday. “When Martina finished today and I saw the time, I believed that the last couple wouldn't make it and I really wished that for Martina. After a season in which she literally ate up injuries and the last week with viruses. It's as I always say: for “Martina shoots the gun and goes,” added Novák.

MS in speed skating in Heerenveen:


5000 m: 1 .Roest (Netherlands) 6:08.94, 2. Ghiotto (It.) 6:11.12, 3. Swings (Belg.) 6:13.06.

Team Sprint : 1. Canada 1:19.26, 2nd Netherlands 1:19.67, 3rd Norway 1:19.80.


3000m: 1. Wiklundová (Nor.) 3:56.865, 2. Schoutenová (Netherlands) 3:57.403, 3. Sáblíková (Czech Republic) 3:58.352. Team sprint: 1. Canada 1:26.29, 2. USA 1:26.58, 3. China 1:27.86.