Spielberg: Old movies shouldn't be remade for current sensibilities

Spielberg: Old movies shouldn't be remade for current sensibilities

Spielberg: Staré films should not be remade for contemporary sensibilities< /p> American director Steven Spielberg received the Golden Bear for lifetime achievement at the Berlinale film festival in the German capital, February 21, 2023.

New York (USA) – Previously made films would they were not to remodel to suit modern sensibilities. Seventy-six-year-old American director Steven Spielberg stated this at the Time 100 Summit, The Guardian reported. Spielberg also regretted that in the hit version of E.T. – 1982's 20th-anniversary Alien, cops had walkie-talkies instead of guns.

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“It was a mistake. I should never have done it. E.T. is a product of its time. No film should be revised through the lens we view film today, whether voluntarily or under duress,” Spielberg said. “I should never have tampered with the archives of my own work, and I don't recommend it to anyone. All of our films are kind of an indicator of where we were when we made them, what the world was like, and what the world was receiving when we released those stories. So I'm really sorry it's there,” said the American director.

Spielberg was also asked about the controversial re-editing of Roald Dahl's work, which included changing words like “fat” to “huge” and “ugly and beastly” to simply “bestial”. The director stated that he did not agree with this. “To me, (Dahl's work) is untouchable. It's our history, it's our cultural heritage. I don't believe in censorship in that sense,” Spielberg added.

Among other authors whose works have been edited recently for modern readers, it includes the author of detective stories Agatha Christie or the creator of agent 007 James Bond Ian Fleming.