Splitgate: Season 0 kicks off with Battle Pass, Contamination mode and new map

Splitgate: Season 0 kicks off with Battle Pass, Contamination mode and new map

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Splitgate: Season 0 kicks off with Battle Pass, Contamination mode and new map

During yesterday’s Opening Night Live, 1047 Games announced the surprise launch of the Season 0 from Splitgate, the shooter that mixes elements of Halo and Portal in an explosive mix and already has ten million downloads in the first month of open beta. The season debuts with the Battle Pass, new challenges and seasonal rewards, a brand new map, a new mode and much more.

Splitgate Season 0 includes new challenges, both free and premium. The latter are available exclusively to those who purchase the Battle Pass and more difficult to complete than the daily and weekly ones, but in return they give out more substantial rewards.

The other novelty of Season 0 of Splitgate is the introduction of the mode Contamination, in which a tainted player possesses a melee weapon and aims to infect opponents by killing them, ending the round when everyone else is tainted. Players who become infected spawn and switch factions, earning points for contaminating as many opponents as possible. Non-infected players are equipped with a shotgun and earn points by killing as many contaminated enemies as possible. In short, a decidedly dynamic and action-packed mode.

The number of Splitagate maps now increases to 20 thanks to the introduction of Karman Station, which throws players into an extraordinary and dangerous galactic playground set in space. With an extended and exposed center, the map also features an external sniper tower useful for the control team to track enemy movements. But beware, teamwork is required to overcome the goals in the corridors and adjacent rooms.

Season 0 makes available to players hundreds of exclusive skins for weapons and armor, banners, jetpacks and more, plus new premium DLC including a new starter character and weapon pack, as well as the Gold Edition featuring the most intimidating character in the Splitgate universe, an exclusive legendary portal, a jetpack and much more.

Splitgate was one of the many protagonists of the opening showcase of Gamescom 2021, here are all the announcements and trailers of the Opening Night Live.

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