Spotlight on Soller: The days of rules and compliance …

Spotlight on Soller: The days of rules and compliance …

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Spotlight on Soller: The days of rules and compliance …

There are times when Soller Shirley goes on a rant – this is one of those weeks! Publicity, Branding and PR are the unseen important wheels which create interest. This can be in an event, an offer or a purchase.

This week the PR Department of Soller created a beautiful poster and a list of public events for an event in Puerto Soller. This was to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the twinning of Soller with Port Vendres in France.

Two days were advertised, 3rd & 4th August 2021. This was to start with the arrival of old-fashioned sailing boats from France. Estimated time of arrival Tuesday at 11 am. I took my place with a camera 45 minutes before the arrival time and waited. I learned later the boats had arrived at 9.15 am.

From then on, all public views and attendance at the open day in the Puerto on 4th August were denied to all who turned up. This event appeared to be for invitees only and many were angry. What is the point of a public poster if the event is not actually public?

The reason ‘Soller Shirley’ ever came into existence was to tell people of events which were not, or poorly advertised. Since that day the passing on of information and general PR for the Soller Valley has been my passion. I am very sad that the new intake of PR people around here do not appear to have a clue.

Wedding bells are ringing
The weddings are coming back and locations all around us are being used. There has been a huge change in what people actually want. Gone are the days for me, of the 100 guest celebrations. Now the maximum number I have been involved with is 10. I have two weddings booked for later this year which are for 2 and 4 people respectively.

They are both being held in stunning hotels which have a small wedding area with a beautiful scenery backdrop. As a Celebrant, in the changing world, I am touched by the desire these young friends have, to make their celebrations so personal and small. I know that they all have their Civil Ceremonies in their home countries and will probably party there.