Stabbing in Odessa: there was a video as in the supermarket cut in front of a man (VIDEO)

Поножовщина в Одессе: появилось видео, как в супермаркете подрезали человека (ВИДЕО)

February 12, in the supermarket, on the street and the cable car there was a stabbing.

The correspondent reports about it

Video of the conflict, which escalated into a stabbing, published in the telegram-channel ХУDESSA. The description says that the incident occurred at the store at 23:35.

The video shows that near the cash register of the store between the two men was a conflict. First, it escalated into a fight, and after one of the men pulled out a knife and struck them some blows to the other, when he was already down on the floor.

Stopped the stabbing arrived at the security and law enforcement.

The police reported that the identity of the offender was established, after which he was released, as this is not a serious crime. The fact in the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations brought on the fact of deliberate infliction of light bodily injuries.

The victim with wounds in the buttocks, was hospitalized in medical institution. Character of the caused damage does not pose a risk to his life.

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