Stable forest fires in Lebel-sur-Quévillon and that of Normetal is contained | Wildfires 2023

Stable forest fires in Lebel-sur-Quévillon and that of Normetal is contained | Wildfires 2023

Stable forest fires in Lebel-sur-Qu&évillon and that of Norm&éta;tal is contained | Forest fires 2023

SOPFEU is continuing its efforts to limit the spread of the flames in Lebel-sur-Quévillon and Normétal, in Abitibi-Ouest.

Trenches have been dug in Abitibi and Nord-du-Québec to limit the spread of the flames.

< p class="e-p">After ten days fighting forest fires in the Lebel-sur-Quévillon sector, firefighters from the Society for the Protection of Forests against Fire (SOPFEU) note a stable situation. The fires, however, are not under control.

Over the weekend it was a little cooler, the relative humidity was a little higher, so the fires remained relatively stable, says Mélanie Morin, spokesperson for the Society for the Protection of Forests Against Fire.

The fire closest to Lebel-sur-Quévillon is located at one kilometer from the city, according to Mélanie Morin.

In Chibougamau, the evacuation notice has been lifted. Essential services are in place in the municipality, according to Mayor Manon Cyr. Its citizens could return to their homes this Monday from 8 a.m.

Forest firefighters from the Society for the Protection of Forests against Fire are keeping the pressure on the Normétal fire.

SOPFEU announced on Sunday that the forest fire at the entrance to Normétal, in Abitibi-Ouest, is contained.

Its progress has been temporarily halted. The fire is no longer progressing freely. He's been inside his perimeter for a few days, says Mélanie Morin.

“He's a sleeping monster. A gust of wind could wake him up. »

— Normand Lagrange, Director General of the MRC d'Abitibi-Ouest

SOPFEU is now working to stop the progression of the fire permanently.

The situation is encouraging for Saint-Lambert. The Municipality has invited evacuated residents to prepare as they may be able to return to their homes in the coming days.

At the level of Val-Paradis, it is an area which is currently not affected by the fire apart from part of Beaucanton and [the area] of Lake Pajegasque. I know you were expecting at least a pre-reinstatement alert. We're not here. The most major hot spot is in this sector. Because of the species of trees, we do not want to take a chance for the moment, indicated Sunday evening, Luc Goudreau, director of fire prevention and civil security for La Sarre.

A firefighter who was working on the ground in Abitibi-Ouest was evacuated by helicopter on Sunday.

In the City of La Sarre's information session on Sunday evening, Normand Lagrange reminded the population to avoid going into the forest or approaching the scene of fires with drones so as not to interfere with operations.

It was not very serious, but it had to be evacuated and they quickly evacuate by helicopter. They don't have time to go there in an all-terrain vehicle, mentioned the director general of the MRC d'Abitibi-Ouest.

He adds that in the event of hot spot identified, air tankers cannot intervene if residents are nearby.

The Minister of Public Security, François Bonnardel, accompanied by the deputy for Rouyn-Noranda-Témiscamingue, Daniel Bernard, and the deputy for Abitibi-Est, Pierre Dufour, on June 6 in Val-d'Or.

< p class="e-p">The Minister of Public Security, François Bonnardel, will be in Abitibi-Ouest today. Accompanied by Mathieu Lacombe, minister responsible for Abitibi-Témiscamingue, he will meet the people housed in La Sarre.

François Bonnardel went to Val-d'Or and in Senneterre last week.

Today, 25 members of the Canadian Armed Forces arrive as reinforcements in Abitibi-Ouest. A total of 109 personnel from New Brunswick, Quebec and the military are assigned to fire control over the next few days.

In Quebec, 39 fires are not under control, mainly in Abitibi and Jamésie.

Although the danger of fire is decreasing, the ban on making fires in or near the forest is maintained. Air quality is improving in Abitibi-Témiscamingue. It should be generally acceptable all day.