Stanjura: The legislative emergency for pensions is necessary, there is a threat of economic damage

Stanjura: The legislative emergency for pensions is necessary, there is a threat of economic damage

Stanjura: Legislative pension emergency is necessary, economic &scaron threatens kody

Illustrative photo – Minister of Finance Zbyněk Stanjura (pictured on December 3, 2023).

Prague – Discussion of a lower extraordinary valuation of pensions in the House of Representatives in a state of legislative emergency is justified because the state is threatened with great economic damage. Finance Minister Zbyněk Stanjura (ODS) told journalists today. He is not afraid that the law could be annulled by the Constitutional Court due to the use of the state of legislative emergency. According to him, the government is not preparing alternative ways to reduce the valuation in such a case.

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The state has to proceed with the extraordinary valorization of pensions due to the high inflation in January. According to the current rules, the average old-age pension should have increased by 1770 crowns from June, the government's proposal envisages an increase of 760 crowns. The House of Representatives should discuss the proposal on Tuesday in a state of legislative emergency.

“The state of legislative emergency is not something that is not used relatively often. There are precisely defined reasons for which it can be used. In this case, the fact that there is a risk of significant economic damage,” Stanjura said.

According to him, the cabinet the institute must take advantage of the legislative emergency also due to the position of the opposition, which is blocking the proper functioning of the House of Representatives. “If we say normal deadlines and look at how the opposition is behaving, there is no such thing as a normal deadline (deliberation),” he said. “Even if it had been there (in the House of Representatives) in November, do you think we would have moved on today? That we would have already discussed the first reading? We see how the opposition behaves every week. We are not able to discuss standard points,” he added.

The opposition refuses to support the change in valuation, threatens to file a complaint with the Constitutional Court and obstruction in the House of Representatives. Stanjura said today that he is not worried about the constitutional complaint. “We are convinced that there is no problem, that we are proceeding according to the constitution,” he said. Therefore, the Cabinet does not plan an alternative solution in case of failure at the Constitutional Court. At the same time, the minister emphasized that he will respect every decision of the Constitutional Court.