Star mom Kate Osadchaya suggested activities for children for the duration of the quarantine

Звездная мама Катя Осадчая посоветовала развлечения для детей на время карантина

During the period of isolation of the stars of the Ukrainian show-business actively demonstrate how to spend leisure time at home. So, Katya Osadchaya, which is almost every day to share tips on social networks, said as entertains 3-year-old son Ivan in quarantine.

On the personal page in instagram presenter published a sensual frame, on which poses together with her husband Yury Gorbunov and youngest son. Star wife carefully comply with the terms of the national quarantine and his own example proves that a game for kids you can think of, without even leaving home.

“Quarantine for parents – a separate test. Now, when not on site and all appliances at home, every day we need to come up with thousands of games for children,” explained Katya Osadchaya.

Entertainment for children from Katya Osadchaya:

  • General exercises or exercises from yoga: “Try to start, and the children will join you. Importantly, the exercises were simple”;
  • “Hot-cold”: “We hide different things around the house and in turn they are looking for”;
  • toy instruments: “we Now have a period of interest in repair work: the screwdrivers, hammers, nails, a toy made of wood. Your imagination of where and what you can score. For example, a toy you can hammer nails into soap”;
  • sorting: “Pasta, cereals and vegetables… toys solid colors”;
  • modeling: “to Roll out the clay like cookie dough and cut shapes. You can use salt dough and cookie cutters”;
  • the search for identical elements of the same whole: “Pictures need to be cut to pieces and mix. Out a kind of puzzle, but easier than usual”;
  • game doctor: “Ivan “listens” for the breath and takes blood from a finger, first in adults, then in toys”;
  • hide and seek: “Son loves to look for”;
  • coloring;
  • puzzle;
  • designers.














Publication from (@kosadcha) 26 Mar 2020 6:39 PDT

As of March 26, in Ukraine 179 confirmed cases of coronavirus disease Covid-19. 5 people died and 4 people from the Chernivtsi region have fully recovered – two were discharged, two more will be discharged on March 27.

Звездная мама Катя Осадчая посоветовала развлечения для детей на время карантина

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