Started as the voice of the country-10 and who were able to deploy all four judges chairs (video)

Как стартовал Голос країни-10 и кто сумел развернуть все четыре судейских кресла (видео)

The evening of January 19 in the online channel “1+1” launched vocal project voice of the country-10, which this year celebrates its anniversary. The first issue has traditionally been very intense and even stressful. On the stage tried their forces singers and vocalists of all styles.

Not done in the first release and no celebrities. Among the first participants of the show the voice of the country-10 was the soloist scandalously famous group “Leningrad”, as well as the sex symbol of the project “Dances with stars z” Daniel Salem. See the next three best performances of the evening, in front of which stood not one of the jury members, as well as read, who formed the first team of mentors.

Sasha Kalenda (team MONATIK’a)

23-year-old Sasha Kalenda from Zhitomir became not only the first member 10 seasons of the show, but the first who was lucky enough to deploy all four of the judges chairs. The guy came to the project with the hit 90 Coco Jumbo by Mr. President and from the start won the hearts of judges. When it’s time to choose, Alexander chose a team hit maker and MONATIK’.

Vasilisa Starshova (team Dan Balan)

As mentioned above, in the first edition of the vocal show was not without celebrities. And the first among them was the flamboyant soloist scandalously famous group “Leningrad” Vasilisa Starshova. The girl gave the project a real show and made the judges to begin her musical battle. And if the men in her impulsive attitude was like, then Tina spoke sincerely and advised the party to manage the “show-off”. The rest Starshova also launched all judicial seat and passed to the next stage of the show by his mentor Dan Balan.

Olga Miller (team of Tina Karol)

The third and last participant of the first edition, which managed to deploy all four seats, was the finalist of the fourth season of Olga Miller. The girl returned on a vocal project with the aim to try his hand once more and managed a cover of the song Billy Ailes Lovely to touch the audience. Following the performances the judges called Olga contender to win.

In General, in the next stage of the show the voice of the country-10, there were eight participants — two teams Dan Balan and Tina Karol, three of the team MONATIK’and one in the company Potap and Nastya:

Team Dan Balan:

• Vasilisa Starshova

• Nazar Yatsyshyn

The Team Of Tina Karol:

• Daniel Salem

• Olga Melnyk

The command of Potap and Nastya:

• Anastasia Kartvelishvili


• Sasha Kalenda

• Sergei Novel

• Elizabeth Krivoruchko

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