State-of-the-art equipment for Sport-études baseball in Malartic

State-of-the-art equipment for Sport-études baseball in Malartic

State-of-the-art equipment for Sport-Études baseball in Malartic

Young players can work on their batting swing in the batting cage.

Over 50,000 $ were invested in the purchase of new equipment for the Sport-études baseball program at Filon de Malartic.

The leaders of Le Tremplin high school, who have been able to count on the financial participation of several partners, hope to offer student-athletes an optimal environment to perfect their skills. These technological advances also meet the recommendations of Baseball Quebec.

Two new high-performance and precise ball launchers have recently been acquired to increase the quality and volume of exercises.

An automatic ball launcher worthy of professional baseball is available to young players.

The Filon program has also acquired two performance trackers that allow the coach to measure precise data on the skills of each athlete. It is thus possible to measure the output speed, the movement and the direction of the ball at the strike, in addition to recording the velocity, the movement and the rotation of the ball at the throw.

These purchases are in addition to improving the outside batting cage, a project completed in 2020.

We now tick all the boxes for Baseball Quebec, rejoices the head coach of the program, Martin Lecomte. It really allows us to increase the volume of balls for the young people. The more volume they have, the better they get. It also gives young people additional motivation to sign up for the program and come practice their favorite sport.

The Sport-études baseball in Malartic is notably equipped with exercise mounds in the gymnasium allowing you to train all year long.

Founded eight years ago, the Filon baseball program has 26 players this year. The leaders hope to develop a maximum of players for the regional selections, but also to see them rise among the elite of Quebec, as will be the case for Jacob Leblanc and Zoé Lecomte next season.

I was really able to progress in the program, confides Jacob Leblanc, who will evolve next season in the midget AAA, in Saguenay. When I arrived in secondary 1, we didn't have as much equipment and it could become redundant. We could not measure our results. Now we can work on a lot of different things and it really helps to improve.

Young players and players, coaches, managers and partners of the Sport-études program in baseball at Le Tremplin school in Malartic.