Stewart: “Verstappen the fastest driver, but immature” |

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Stewart: “Verstappen the fastest driver, but immature” |

The accident occurred between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton at Monza he has done nothing but exacerbate a rivalry and a dualism already expressed at high levels during this season. A challenge that is thrilling not only fans and enthusiasts, but also and above all former Formula 1 drivers, fascinated by a tense battle and an uncertain outcome. Among these was also a world champion of the caliber of Sir Jackie Stewart, who spared no comments on the two drivers who, during this championship, did not reserve twists like the one that took place in Italy. The Scotsman, three times world champion between the ’60s and’ 70s, has in fact expressed his opinion not only on the accident that took place in Temple of Speed, but also analyzed the qualities of the standard bearers of Red Bull and Mercedes.

Regarding the latter aspect, the 82-year-old explained his point of view to the microphones of Talk Sport: “I think Mercedes has the best package right now – said Stewart – but Red Bull proved to be very competitive. As a pilot, I believe that Verstappen is faster, but sometimes it’s still a little bit immature. At the same time – he added – Hamilton is facing the final part of his career, and therefore the future will hold a lot of satisfactions for Max. However, Mercedes and Lewis should not be underestimated, because he is an extremely reliable driver ”.

Returning to the Monza accident, the Scotsman reiterated his opinion on what happened in the First Variant between the two riders, already protagonists of other similar episodes during this world championship: “It showed that they were both anxious – commented Stewart – it happened in the early stages of the race, and there was no need to push so hard. It could have been avoided, a bit like what happened at Silverstone, especially in a circuit that offers one or two overtaking points. Among other things – he added – the accident was also dangerous, and could have had more serious consequences. It is difficult to determine who is to blame, the FIA ​​has taken a decision on this, but only three positions to be served at the next GP in my opinion is too small a penalty ”.

In conclusion, the three-time world champion finally wanted to provide advice to both riders: “I believe they have to accept their responsibility for the accident – he has declared – today it is a chicane that everyone knows, but that wasn’t there in my day. It was added to slow down a track that was very fast and dangerous ”.

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