Still, the difference is: Orlando bloom, the photo showed the 16-year-old

Fans write that the actor has become more brutal and interesting.

Все-таки разница есть: Орландо Блум показал фото 16-летней давности

Recently Orlando bloom posted a selfie to show how he has changed since the filming of the movie “Troy”, where he played the young Prince Paris.

The difference of 16 years. Find the differences,

— signed by the actor.

In the frame bloom posing with a friend holding a photograph in which he depicted her in 2004. A new selfie he took from the same angle and made the same facial expression. Only now 43-year-old Orlando does not look like the pretty boy with a smoothly shaven face and long curls. Fans of the actor said that with a beard, a mustache and short hair he looks more manly.

“Oh, look at baby Orlando!”, “Old, old”, “You’ve become interesting, beautiful man, keep it up!”, “And here and there you look good” “You like good wine: you get better, Yes, nearly has not changed”, “is still good” — write in the comments groupies bloom.

Last month it became known that Orlando bloom and his girlfriend Katy Perry have decided to postpone the wedding. The couple started Dating in 2016, a year later they broke up and a year later got back together. In February 2019 bloom and Perry announced their engagement.

As reported by the insider, the stars moved up the wedding because I want to carefully prepare for the celebration and to hold the ceremony in a particular place.

They are still madly in love with each other. Plans to hold two celebrations: one for a narrow circle, and the second is more scale

the source said. The insider also said that Katie and Orlando is already planning to become parents and after marriage want to have a baby. In an interview, bloom admitted that he wants to become the father of many children. Now the actor brings eight-year-old son Flynn from ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

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