Stopping the heart, increasing the risk of cancer: six reasons not to use activated charcoal

Activated carbon can be a bad influence on the intestine, damaging the lungs and heart, increase the risk of cancer. There are other reasons not to use it.

Мешает сердцу, повышает риск рака: шесть причин не использовать активированный уголь

The use of activated charcoal in recent times it has become a trend: it is stated that he gives energy, cleanses the skin, helps in cases of poisoning, flatulence and bloating. But, says dietitian king’s College London Sophia Madeline in the first place it is a medicine which is used in emergency medicine to reduce the toxic load.

Thanks to the ability to bind toxic substances, activated carbon has been used widely at the household level – in Russia it is popular as a remedy for hangovers, food poisoning. But people often do not realize that coal against toxins are effective only the first 40-50 minutes after ingestion. When substances are absorbed into the blood, use of the drug useless.

In addition, it should make for an hour or two before eating, be sure to drinking plenty of water. Improper use may cause exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease, constipation, disturbances of the intestinal microflora.

Can harm easy. One of the reasons to abandon the use of activated charcoal as a home remedy – it can go to the “neravilnuyu direction” and get into the lungs. Medicine known cases of collapsed lung and serious illnesses of those bodies that arose as a result of such error.

Is beneficial nutrients. Another good reason to remove a tool from the kit. The charcoal absorbs a variety of molecules that can be both toxic and beneficial — enzymes, vitamins, healthy microflora. Its use thus can reduce the effect of a healthy diet.

Prevents the medicines. People taking antidepressants and anti-inflammatory drugs, should abandon the activated carbon. The reason is it can bind and remove drugs, making their technique is useless. In women it can change the effect of birth control pills contribute to an unwanted pregnancy.

Violates the intestines. Activated charcoal-binding enzymes of the digestive tract, can worsen the condition of the intestinal microflora, slow it down, cause constipation, nausea.

Threatens the heart. Coal promotes the excretion of potassium ions, magnesium, calcium – the main elements that provide the contractile function of the heart and work the potassium sodium pump.

Increases the risk of cancer. In the production of popular products formed PAHs – polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. These substances may act in the body as carcinogens that can damage DNA.

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