Stray Dog Day: They promote the adoption of abandoned dogs

Stray Dog Day: They promote the adoption of abandoned dogs

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Stray Dog Day: They promote the adoption of abandoned dogs

15 days ago, the dog Canela, along with her four newborn puppies, was abandoned on the Paseo Bravo. This situation caused him confusion and stress, which manifested itself in aggressive behavior. She and her young were rescued by members of the Monty Refuge.

Upon reaching that site, they were assigned an exclusive space. In addition to being wide and delimited by a mesh so as not to be invaded by any of the 115 guests who are there, they were given medical attention and the necessary food.

Little by little, Canela modified his behavior and allowed them to approach him. The day came when she accepted a caress and it was until this Monday that she let her caregivers touch her young to deworm them and start cleaning, as they were full of fleas.

Every July 27, since 2008, the World Stray Dog Day to encourage the adoption of animals that are in this condition. In Puebla, it is estimated that out of every 100 homeless dogs, 10 manage to be taken in; of these, 30 percent over time are abandoned again.

Angela monty, responsible together with her husband of the Monty Refuge, located in Chipilo, Puebla, said that she has been doing this altruistic work since she can remember. His first rescue was when he was five years old and it was with a dog close to his home.

“He would cry a lot and beg my dad to take him away. It was a terrible feeling. “

As time went by, it became a custom for him to come home with a dog in his arms to provide shelter and food; However, it was until his adolescence that formed a group of animal lovers to go out to rescue dogs in street conditions.

Despite her dedication and dedication, she felt unsatisfied; For this reason, for more than 40 years it has put this reservation into operation, which operates thanks to contributions and donations.

“Now I am asking for support from the community, because there is no other way. Right now we are deworming the puppies and all that is money ”.

He indicated that the rescue work “is already in your blood, it is not that you want to dedicate yourself to something. It is something that you already carry in your blood and it is your illusion”.

He said that it would be impossible for him to say how many dogs have passed through his shelter: “Who knows, there are already thousands because I started when there were still no (social) networks, nothing and we were already rescuing dogs and getting into trouble, and the life, but we are very happy ”.

For her part, the activist Laura Álvarez Sánchez He regretted the little compassion of some people towards these defenseless beings, proof of this is that some are attacked and rejected.

“We find dogs that are extremely mistreated, even those who spend their entire lives walking and you find them dehydrated, with damaged bearings, full of parasites.”

He warned that, based on his experience, in some associations or alternative foster homes, dogs also suffer abuse, but this by their peers with whom have to fight for food or territoryHowever, he acknowledged that these cases are few, “one in a hundred.”

He commented that one factor why they abandon pets is because of their behavior problems, a situation that he remarked can be corrected: “Instead of saying, I’m going to train my dog, the easiest thing is to throw him out on the street, and all he needs is a little attention.”

It should be noted that both the Monty Refuge and the activist are dedicated to manage, monitor and track adoptions: “The owners send me photos, they still ask me things,” concluded Álvarez Sánchez.