Street Name Juggling |  Costa Tropical Gazette News

Street Name Juggling | Costa Tropical Gazette News

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Street Name Juggling |  Costa Tropical Gazette News

The far-right party VOX in Motril doesn’t like the name, Avenida Doctor Norman Bethune and wants it changed back to Ronda Sur, as it was known until 2017.

For those of you who are not familiar with Motril street names, the said avenue is the one that connects the port road at the Social-Security-building roundabout to the To field one.

Party Spokesperson, Miguel Ángel López Fernández, is going to make this proposal at the next Plenary Meeting of the Town Council, as he claims that those that live along this street are not happy bunnies with the change over because everybody still calls it by its old yam.

He claims that businesses along the avenue have problems with delivery services not being able to find them. I have concede that Doctor Norman Bethune does deserve a bust somewhere, because of his humanitarian work, but that there was no need to name the street after him if it was going to cause confusion.

Finally, VOX intends to reject the Matic report and express its support for “life” from the moment of conception until a natural death, meaning that no abortions under any circumstances and no euthanasia.

Editorial comment: has this gentleman the least bloody idea what a complete pain it was for everybody to get their DNI and driving licenses, etc, changed to accommodate the new address name in 2017… and now they want them to go through it all over again?

Furthermore, does anybody remember when the conservative ruling party in Almuñécar decided to change the name ‘Cuesta de la Iglesia’ (church hill street) to ‘Calle Jesús Nazareño’ (Jesus of Nazareth Street) even though people to this day still call it Church Hill Street because it is a ‘street leading up a hill to a church’?

Damn do I sorely need an eye-rolling emoji!

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)