Summer pop music festivals announce headliners and supporting programs

Summer pop music festivals announce headliners and supporting programs

Summer popular music festivals announce headliners and supporting programs

Rock for People Festival June 15, 2022 at the airport in Hradec Králové.

Prague – Organizers of summer popular music festivals announce the main stars and accompanying programs that have become a permanent part of their events. They will offer various sports activities, children's corners, debates or theater performances. In the grounds, visitors will find tent cities, stands with promotional items for bands or refreshments. Organizers expect people to spend less on drinks and food than in previous years. It emerged from their statements.

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“The people who take care of the refreshments at our concerts told me that the days when dudes bought drinks for the whole group at the event are over,” the singer of the group Divokej Bill Václav Bláha told ČTK.

The reason for less interest in refreshments is the high prices registered by festival organizers already last year. Michal Thomes, director of the Rock for People festival, said at the time that it was a matter that they had no influence on, as it was an external supplier. “It makes everything more expensive. On average, they spend three thousand crowns here in four days. But foreign music festivals are even more expensive,” he said.

Ticket prices for festivals vary depending on their duration, one-day tickets can be purchased for longer events. If those interested bought tickets already in the first wave of advance sales, they saved hundreds of crowns. For example, the first edition of Metronome Prague tickets cost 2,190 crowns, currently a three-day ticket costs 3,590 crowns.

At Metronome Prague, which will take place from June 21 to 25 at the Prague Exhibition Center, the French singer and songwriter Zaz will sing, the British formations Jamiroquai, White Lies and Editors or the French group M83 will perform. In addition, the visitors will be entertained by podcasts, an escape game, an observation wheel and workshops. The accompanying program also includes exhibitions, slam poetry and a program for children and youth. Space will also be given to non-profit organizations.

Muse, Slipknot, The 1975 and the American musician Machine Gun Kelly will perform at the Rock for People festival, which will be held from June 8 to 11 in Hradec Králové. The accompanying program will once again feature the popular AZ quiz with Aleš Zbořil or the theater and dance performance The Man from Malta performed by Dekkadancers.

Two large stages will be offered by the traveling festival Hrady CZ, a series of concerts at eight Czech and Moravian castles will begin on July 14 and 15 in Točník in Central Bohemia. It will continue on Kunětická hora, Švihov, Rožmberk nad Vltavou, Veveří, Hradec nad Moravicí, Bouzov and Bezděz. In addition to performers such as Kabát, Kryštof, No Name and Anna K., CZ Castles combine a musical experience with a visit to individual castle monuments, carnivals and masquerade parades with the announcement of the best masks. Those interested will be able to take part in a photo competition for prizes, sports fans can enjoy the playground in the festival area.

At the Venice festival! held from July 27 to 30 in Liberec at the Vesec sports complex, fans will have the chance to meet British singer Chris Norman. They will compete on social networks for the opportunity to meet a musician known from the band Smokie.

At the Přehrady Fest event in August, Wohnout, Mig 21, Horkýže slíže or Pokáč will play. The series will start on August 4-5 on the bank of the reservoir in Vranov nad Dyjí, on August 11-12 it will continue at the Seč dam, and on August 19 in Veselské Pískovny. The program will have a family character, it will offer theaters, workshops, drumming, workshops, meetings with bands, but above all water sports. The little ones are waiting for the popular Pigyáda with PiGy the pig.

The Trutnoff Festival, which will return from Brno to its native Trutnov this year after seven years on August 17-20, will be decorated by a number of well-known names such as Therapy?, Asian Dub Foundation or Laibach. For fans of the legendary event, it is important news that it is returning to the traditional Bojiště area. It will also offer various debates on social, artistic and political topics, including regular outdoor services.