Superman: This was the accident that left Christopher Reeve tetraplegic 26 years ago

Superman: This was the accident that left Christopher Reeve tetraplegic 26 years ago

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Superman: This was the accident that left Christopher Reeve tetraplegic 26 years ago

Christopher reeve He became one of the Hollywood stars that shone the most in the industry despite the accident that almost ended his life. The actor who gave life to Superman in 1978 suffered a terrible fall that changed his life more than two decades ago.

On May 27, 1995, everything changed for the character. Along with 300 riders he participated in an obstacle course in Culpeper, Virginia. As he approached a triple bar jump, Buck, the nickname for his thoroughbred horse, came to a halt and Reeve landed head first on the other side of the barrier.

In the misfortune he fractured two cervical vertebrae. He was immediately operated on and, after saving his life, the doctors told him that he would never move again, a conclusion that, years later, the artist refused to accept.

Over time, and thanks to a superhuman effort, like that of a comic book hero, he was only able to regain mobility in several fingers of his left hand.

For a decade he was on assisted respiration. However, his public appearances did not cease. The actor attended charity galas and gave interviews, even tried to direct the telefilmThe story of Brooke Ellison, which told the experiences of a young quadriplegic. His life was turned off at the age of 52 in 2004.

However, his human qualities shone through the solidarity work, which was a constant in his existence before and after the incident. Creative Coalition is one of their projects to support the homeless.

Once he was in a wheelchair, he multiplied efforts to create the FoundationChristopher Reeve for Paralysis, dedicated to the research of treatments to heal spinal cord injuries. He was also awarded in 2004 with the Bernardo O’Higgins Order for his defense of Chilean actors during the military regime.

Many years later and after several supermen, the overcoming story of whoever gave life to the most popular Superman on the big screen showed why perhaps, as he himself stated, “the word ‘impossible’ should not be part of the vocabulary of the scientific community ”.

Reeve is still the ultimate American hero. The image of the red cape and the blue fishnet suit does not disappear. Thousands of fans still remember that man who tried to overcome himself.

Google celebrates Christopher Reeve’s birthday

The tech giant decided to pay tribute to the American actor and activist Christopher reeve through a doodle.

Born on September 25, 69 years ago, the Hollywood star revolutionized the film industry and contributed to stem cell research after suffering an accident that left him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Christopher reeve

When did Christopher Reeve pass away?

After the accident that left the film and television actor a quadriplegic, Christopher Reeve continued to stand out for his work in the film industry and his support of charities.

Unfortunately, after a life of struggle and protagonism, Reeve he died in 2004 from cardiac arrest.