Suppliers continue to reduce energy prices, and ČEZ will offer a new tariff below the ceiling

Suppliers continue to reduce energy prices, and ČEZ will offer a new tariff below the ceiling

The supplier continued to reduce energy prices, and ČEZ will offer a new tariff under the ceiling

Electricity meter. Illustrative photo.

Prague – ČEZ will offer a new concept of fixed tariffs with electricity and gas prices below the government price ceiling. The price of energy in them will gradually decrease for consumers, for example for gas by up to 40 percent against the ceiling. However, a long-term commitment is a condition. On the other hand, unlike its competitors, the company is not yet planning to reduce tariff prices without fixing. Today, ČTK was informed about this by ČEZ. The company will offer new tariffs to new and existing customers, including those with contracts for an indefinite period.

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Energy prices on the energy exchange have been falling in recent weeks. Other suppliers, such as E.ON, innogy, Centropol or MND, have already announced reductions in electricity and gas price lists in recent days, some of them even without the need for fixing.

Since the beginning of the year, most energy suppliers have offered new customers tariffs with prices based on the government price ceiling. For this year, this amounts to 6,000 crowns for one MWh of electricity, including VAT, and 3,000 crowns for one MWh of gas. Distribution fees need to be added to this. The so-called ceilings apply to households, companies and public institutions.

As part of the offer, ČEZ created a new concept of tariffs with a two- to three-year fixation, in which the expected drop in prices on the markets will gradually be reflected during the commitment. For example, for gas, the first year will be at the price ceiling, in the second year of the commitment it will fall by 16.4 percent, and in the third year of the fixation, the price of gas will be 40 percent lower than the current ceiling. For electricity, the decline over the years is lower.

“The savings compared to the ceiling will be really significant. In the case of a three-year fixation, a customer heating with gas will get up to 1,500 crowns per MWh, which is 1,000 crowns and 40 percent lower than the capped prices. A household living in a family house that heats with gas, as follows will save about 10,000 crowns per year compared to the ceiling. For electricity, the savings against the ceiling will be up to 700 crowns per megawatt hour. Electricity prices are not going down as fast as gas prices, but we hope that it is only a matter of time,” said Tomáš Kadlec, CEO of ČEZ Sales.

According to him, ČEZ now has around 1.5 million clients with a long-term commitment, and the fixation will soon end for hundreds of thousands of them. The new tariff will therefore be for these clients as well as new customers. “And of course the product is also open to customers with a price list for an indefinite period,” added Kadlec.

The company is not yet preparing price list changes without fixing. According to ČEZ, the reason is that purchases are made long in advance. At the same time, it points out that it wants to update the price lists regularly. According to the company, in the event of a further drop in wholesale prices, prices for end clients will continue to decrease.

Other suppliers have already started offering energy prices below the government-set ceilings. .ON reduced its clients' electricity against the ceiling by six percent and gas by eight percent without a long-term commitment. Innogy also reduced gas prices for some clients without fixing, by approximately CZK 240 per MWh. Centropol and MND also announced price reductions to existing customers .

In recent weeks, the wholesale price of electricity fell to 165 euros (about 3900 CZK) per MWh without VAT. For gas, it fell below 66 euros (about 1570 CZK) per MWh. Last summer, the prices of both commodities moved they also lived significantly above the limit set by the government.