Support for Ukraine will not abate and Russia will never win there, Biden said

Support for Ukraine will not abate and Russia will never win there, Biden said

Support for Ukraine will not abate and Russia will never win there, Biden declared

US President Joe Biden delivers a speech in Warsaw, February 21, 2023. 

Warsaw – The United States and other countries will not let up in their support for Ukraine and Russia in their war against the neighboring the country will never win. This was the message delivered today by US President Joe Biden, who, almost a year after the Russian invasion, in a speech in Warsaw highlighted the courage of Ukrainians, the unity of the North Atlantic Alliance and solidarity in accepting war refugees. At the same time, he warned of further “difficult days” that await Ukraine and its allies.

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Support for Ukraine will not abate and Russia will never win there, Biden declared

Support for Ukraine will not abate and Russia will never win there, Biden declared

Support for Ukraine will not abate and Russia will never win there, Biden declared

Support for Ukraine will not abate and Russia will never win there, Biden declared

“No one should doubt it. Our support for Ukraine will not abate. NATO will not be divided and we will not succumb to fatigue… Ukraine will never be a victory for Russia. Never,” Biden declared on stage in the gardens of the Royal Castle in the Polish capital.

< p>In a speech lasting about 20 minutes, the American president emphasized the aspects of the last year that, according to him, Ukrainians and their allies can be proud of. A year ago, according to the head of the White House, the world was preparing for the fall of Kyiv, but after 12 months of war, the Ukrainian capital remains free, while NATO is “more united than ever”. Biden also talked about the weakening of autocrats around the world, highlighting Western anti-Russian sanctions and providing sanctuary to Ukrainian refugees. He also expressed the view that the world is coming together to overcome the consequences of the war.

“But we must be honest and look to the next year with a clear mind… There are still difficult and very bitter days ahead,” he said. Biden. His words today were reminiscent of a passage from last year's speech delivered in Warsaw, in which he announced a long struggle for Ukraine's freedom a month after the Russian invasion.

Biden's new visit to Poland and the accompanying trip to Kiev on Monday come amid concerns about a new Russian offensive in eastern Ukraine and a backdrop of ongoing controversy over whether Western military support for Kiev is sufficient. Moscow shows no intention of easing up on the war campaign, and there are signals from Western officials about the expected strengthening of Russia's support from China. The American president did not mention Beijing's position today and did not comment in more detail on the possible development of American military support.

According to Biden, “no one can turn their eyes away from the atrocities” committed by Russian forces in Ukraine. Russians are attacking civilians and stealing Ukrainian children in an attempt to steal the country's future, the US president said. Similar to last year's speech in Warsaw, Biden addressed the Russians directly, with the message that the West was not planning an attack on their homeland before the Russian invasion.

“The United States and the countries of Europe do not seek to dominate or destroy Russia. The West did not plan an attack on Russia, as Putin said today,” said the head of the White House. In his morning speech, the Russian president once again put the blame for the conflict he unleashed in Ukraine last year on the US and its European allies. NATO to persist in supporting Ukraine and providing military aid to the attacked country.

“Don't hesitate, don't be afraid,” Duda declared in front of several hundred spectators. According to him, Ukraine must win the war and Russia must be punished for “imperial ambitions”.

Duda and Biden stressed the importance of the US for security in Europe

Biden's visit to Poland is an important sign of the United States' commitment to security in Europe. Duda said this today at a meeting with his American counterpart in Warsaw. Biden emphasized that the relationship with Poland is essential for the US. According to the White House, the pair spoke behind closed doors about joint support for Ukraine, progress toward Russia, and efforts to strengthen NATO.

“Your visit is an important manifestation of security, a sign of responsibility for the security of the world and Europe. America can maintain world order,” Duda told Biden at a bilateral meeting, according to Reuters. He added that he wished for even greater cooperation between Europe and the US in security and economic matters.

“On the eve of the first anniversary of Russia's brutal invasion of Ukraine, the leaders reflected on their joint efforts to support Ukraine, impose consequences on Russia and strengthen NATO,” the US side said after a closed-door meeting between the two presidents. “In addition, the leaders discussed their countries' growing energy cooperation … our strong bilateral defense cooperation and the importance of the democratic values ​​that form the foundations of the transatlantic alliance,” the White House statement continued.

Biden began the official program of his two-day visit to Poland by meeting with Duda. In the early evening, he is scheduled to give a speech in which he is expected to reaffirm his determination to continue helping Ukraine attacked by Russia. The American president also expressed himself in this sense during Monday's unannounced visit to Kyiv, where he met with President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Even at today's meeting with Duda, Biden assured that the US's support for Ukraine remains strong. “As I told President Zelensky when we spoke yesterday in Kyiv, I can proudly say that our support for Ukraine remains unwavering,” Biden said today.

The head of the White House returned to Warsaw after less than a year. Last March, after a month of Russian war against Ukraine, he warned that the allies of the attacked country must prepare for a long fight. On Wednesday, Biden is scheduled to meet in the Polish capital with the representatives of the so-called Bucharest Nine (B9), which also includes the Czech Republic.

The Polish president today emphasized that Poland is safe thanks to the presence of American armed forces. He also highlighted that Biden's visit to Kyiv on Monday was an “incredible gesture”. According to him, it showed that the free world has not forgotten Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin, on the other hand, according to Duda, decided to cause a disaster and a security, economic and humanitarian crisis.