Susy Díaz reports a fire in one of her houses because the tenant left the TV on

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Susy Díaz reports a fire in one of her houses because the tenant left the TV on

Susy Díaz had a tremendous scare when she found a fire in her home in Salamanca due to a short circuit. The former congresswoman explained that her tenant left the TV on and this was what caused her home to go up in flames.

“Half an hour or almost 40 minutes ago I arrived at my house and I felt quite a lot of smoke. There has been a short circuit because the tenant of apartment 206 leaves his television on and never turns it offThey are from those old televisions. Even his old refrigerator has burned, ”he mentioned according to the Trome newspaper.

Likewise, Susy Díaz was reassured to learn that said accident did not claim lives or personal injuries. In addition, he regretted that his tenants have been neglected, since they repeatedly leave the artifacts on.

Thank God there were no deaths or injuries, but people are coughing because they have been drowning. In my house there is the serenazgo and the firefighters attending the emergency ”, he added.

On the other hand, a few days ago, Susy Díaz was harshly criticized for the unfortunate comments she had when defending her ex-partner, Walter Obregón, from a complaint for physical and psychological assault, in Huarmey. The former congresswoman was branded as a macho for not believing in the version that the victim gave when she told her case on the Magaly Medina program.

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