Swimming Fanny Teijonsalo gets to the professional league ISL: “I’m really excited”

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Swimming  Fanny Teijonsalo gets to the professional league ISL: “I’m really excited”

Teijonsalo competes in ISL in the ranks of the Energy Standard team.

Tokyo represented Finland at the Olympic Games Fanny Teijonsalo, 25, will compete next season in the International Swimming League (ISL).

Teijonsalo represents the Energy Standard team in the third season of the ISL, which won the league in its first season in 2019. Last season, the team finished second.

“I am very excited to be in the ISL and especially that I am on the team that has already won the whole league once,” says Teijonsalo in the Swimming Association’s press release.

“I’ve dreamed of getting into the ISL throughout the league’s existence and it’s cool that this is happening now.”

Above all, Teijonsalo expects ISL to be part of the team again by joining the French Energy Standard.

“Team racing is something I’ve missed the most since leaving the United States,” Teijonsalo says and feels it was the only thing missing from his swim over the past year.

In the first Teijonsalo, who competed in his Olympics in Tokyo, advanced to the semifinals in his 50-meter freestyle on his main trip and was 15th in the final results of 24.91.

The preparation for the race went especially well, as Teijonsalo only got into the semi-finals from the reserve after half a night, when the start was already in the program the next morning.

He thought his Olympic contract was already over, and therefore went to eat pizza and drink Coca-Cola at the race village canteen.

Teijonsalo also competed in the 100-meter freestyle in Tokyo, where he finished 23rd with a record of 54.69.

Teijonsalo from Espoo is already the fourth Finnish swimmer to join the third season of the ISL League. Ida Hulkko represents, as last season, Team Ironia, and Jenna Laukkanen and Laura Lahtinen compete in the ranks of London Roar.

The ten-team ISL League kicks off on August 26th. The champion will be announced in January 2022.