Szczesny is now a coincidence: angry fans, Allegri defends him.  And Perin paws

Szczesny is now a coincidence: angry fans, Allegri defends him. And Perin paws

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Szczesny is now a coincidence: angry fans, Allegri defends him.  And Perin paws

The goalkeeper comes from a discontinuous year. It starts badly but for the technician he remains the owner. And regret for Donnarumma grows

For Wojciech Szczesny the return from the away match in Udine was not the happiest, and not only because he still had in his head the noise of the two mistakes that cost us the draw at Juventus. The Juventus goalkeeper was involved in a small car accident: he had no faults and no one was hurt, but it remains an unpleasant episode that he would have gladly done without. Szczesny probably understood that it was not a lucky day in the second half of the debut match of A at the Dacia Arena, when to remedy a clumsy intervention he knocked out Arslan in an equally awkward way, giving Pereyra the penalty shot for the 2nd. -1. As Murphy’s law says, if something can get worse, it will do it: the dribbling attempt on Okaka, who opened the door to Udinese’s equalizer, was even more crass and incomprehensible. The black afternoon of the Pole rekindles the old diatribe on the value of the Juventus number one, defended by Massimiliano Allegri but not always justified by the fans. The web was unleashed with parodies and teasing and many have wondered if it was a happy choice to let Gigio Donnarumma go to PSG and keep Tek. The doubts of the Juventus people arise from the hesitations of last season, not very happy for Szczesny, which ended with a European without glory and with many shadows. Tek is a high-level goalkeeper but the empty passes are starting to become too many and Juventus are used to numbers that make the difference. Even in Szczesny it has often happened in these 3 years as a starter in Juventus (after a season as deputy Buffon), it would be unfair not to remember it, but in the world of football we tend to have a short memory and in people’s minds there are worrying amnesias. of Porto and the derby more than the miraculous double save in the Italian Super Cup.


The elimination in the round of 16 of the Champions League was perhaps the darkest moment: in the first leg a mess similar to that of Udine with Bentancur in an attempt to build from the bottom, in the second leg the contest of blame with Ronaldo, who missed on the barrier, on Sergio Oliveira’s non-irresistible free-kick. Even in the derby he had angered the fans for two other uncertainties that resulted in two goals for Toro. Errors redeemed, however, in the decisive moment, because the Super Cup with Napoli was also won thanks to two of his feats on Lozano and Di Lorenzo.


“Szczesny is a great goalkeeper, at European level – Allegri defended him -. What happened will also serve as a lesson to him, in those moments you have to throw the ball in the stands or even outside the stadium, it’s not a shame”. The coach esteems him and has always been his great sponsor, so much so that it was he who asked Juventus to leave the Donnarumma track (Paratici had negotiated with Raiola before his farewell): “We already have an excellent goalkeeper, I prefer money. spend it to get a midfielder, “he told management. Now it will be up to him to help Tek (who has always said no to the hypothesis of a goodbye) to regain confidence and the best mental condition.


It is difficult to imagine that the goalkeeper could end up on the bench against Empoli, but Mattia Perin paws and Szczesny will begin to feel a little breath on his neck. The former Genoa remained at Juventus to make the second (despite having preferred to play the starter elsewhere) because the club and the coach guaranteed him a fair number of matches. If by now it also applies to Cristiano Ronaldo, let alone for all the others: Tek knows he is not an untouchable and that everything will depend above all on him. Sunday is already time to prove that Udine was just a hiccup.

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