Tábor will raise rents in some city apartments by 15 percent

Tábor will raise rents in some city apartments by 15 percent

Tábor increases šá in some urban areas of apartments by 15 percent

Attic apartment – illustrative photo.

Tábor – Tábor will increase rents in some city apartments by 15 percent. On average, people will pay an amount in the range of 60 to 75 crowns per square meter. The 15 percent increase in price corresponds to inflation and mainly applies to apartments where tenants paid less than the average in the given location. The representatives of the city management told journalists today.

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“Currently, the average rent in Tábor is in the range of approximately 60 to 65 crowns. However, some apartments did not even reach this amount and were significantly cheaper. In some places, they now pay only 35 crowns per square meter,” said Tábor Deputy Mayor Martin Mareda (Pirates).

The amount of rent in Tábor has been determined by several criteria for a long time. The price is influenced, for example, by the location in which the apartment is located, the condition of the building or the number of apartments in the given building. The rent increase approved by the camp council will take effect July 1 and will have some exceptions. These are, for example, nursing homes, social apartments or apartments where seniors over 70 live.

Tábor owns 3,052 city apartments. “Demand for them has been high for a long time, there are approximately six hundred requests per year. People want to have some certainty of a stable price, because market rents are significantly higher in Tábor,” said Mareda. The most desirable location is usually the center around the Old Town. The market rent per square meter there exceeds 100 crowns.

Tábor does not plan to increase rents in non-residential premises. “We wanted to support entrepreneurs and tradespeople with this step,” said the deputy mayor.