Taliban announced the possibility of Afghan citizens to fly abroad

Taliban announced the possibility of Afghan citizens to fly abroad

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Taliban announced the possibility of Afghan citizens to fly abroad

Afghan citizens with valid documents will be able to travel abroad after the opening of the civilian section of Kabul airport. This was stated on Friday, August 27, by the representative of the political office of the Taliban movement (recognized as terrorist and prohibited in the Russian Federation) in Qatar, Suheil Shahin.

“The delegation of the Islamic Emirate (the name of the political system of the Taliban – Ed.) Has confirmed that every Afghan who has valid documents can travel abroad, and all Afghans will be provided with proper travel conditions after the opening of the civilian part of the airport,” Shahin wrote in Twitter.

Earlier that day, it was reported that the death toll in suicide bombings near Kabul airport had risen to 110.

The day before, US President Joe Biden took responsibility for the latest events in Afghanistan. He noted that, according to American intelligence, the explosions were carried out by the militants of the radical movement IS (the Islamic State terrorist organization, banned in the Russian Federation).

In connection with the attack near the Kabul airport, the American president made a speech, during which he declared Washington’s mirror response to the deaths of the American military and civilian Afghans. The US government also called on the people of the country to rally to fight back the terrorists.

The first explosion in the capital of Afghanistan on August 26 thundered at the entrance to the airport, the second – near the Baron Hotel, in the immediate vicinity of the air harbor. It was reported that an IS suicide bomber was involved in the first bombing. The second explosion occurred as a result of the explosion of a mined car. After that, a third explosion occurred in Kabul.

In addition, it was reported that by the evening in Kabul two new explosions thundered. Later, the new authorities in the Afghan capital said that they were produced by the US Armed Forces to destroy their equipment.