Tamaulipas.  Extend date to pay alcohol licenses

Tamaulipas. Extend date to pay alcohol licenses

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Tamaulipas.  Extend date to pay alcohol licenses

Edith alvarez

Tampico / 06.30.2021 21:11:27

Business owners where they are sold alcoholic drinks on Tamaulipas they will have more days to pay the license for the operation of its establishments, the foregoing was reported in the Official State Newspaper.

It was indicated that in order to favor small and medium-sized companies, as well as to encourage entrepreneurs in the creation of these, an extension is granted within the period established to make the payment referred to in numeral 81 of the Tamaulipas Finance Law.

“The economic impact of the epidemiological contingency is in an adverse sense given the economic and commercial activity that has gradually been reactivated, which has caused Tamaulipas families, the working class of both the public and private sectors, the owners of establishments, micro, medium and large businessmen, independent professionals who offer services and other citizens in general, suffer the economic crisis in the face of an unstable purchasing power to the detriment of meeting the basic needs of personal or family sustenance ”.

New date for the payment of alcohol licenses

The The extension will come into effect on July 1 and it will be valid until July 31 of this year, which means that one more month was given, since the previous extension expired today, June 30.

It is clarified that the extension will only be applicable to taxpayers who have requested pre-registration, for the issuance of a new license during November and December 2020.

In addition, taxpayers who access the benefit will also have the option to pay the license in up to three installments, which will apply in July, August and September, they will only have to request it at the Fiscal Office, the agency that will issue the capture lines for the authorized biases.

In order to obtain the new license, Applicant taxpayers must verify that they continue to comply with the requirements indicated in article 25 of the Regulatory Law for Establishments of Alcoholic Beverages, sufficing with the declaration made under protest of telling the truth, otherwise the corresponding document must be verified with the modification of the required requirements.

It should be remembered that businesses like bars, canteens, billiards, nightclubs and others, they were closed for more than a year, due to sanitary measures to avoid covid-19. It was on March 11 when they had permission to return to service, but with certain restrictions such as hours and capacity and from this July 1 and until the next 15 of the same month, they will have to close again, as a measure to reduce mobility and lower the cases of covid-19.