Taurus-Rat: what is the advantage of the Zodiac born in the year

The unusual combination of the zodiac and the year gives people special abilities.

Телец-Крыса: В чём достоинство Зодиака рождённого в этот год

As you know, in humans there are two sign of Zodiac – Western and Chinese horoscopes. It is known that both have an impact on the character and skills.

Taurus gives a person solidity, the necessary restraint and the ability to always stand firmly on his feet – after all, the Bulls are the hardest people in the world. The tendency of Bulls to build a solid Foundation of “forever” makes them ready for the many challenges and sudden turns of fate. They meet not with empty hands, thoroughly “armed”.

At the same time, flexible and sneaky Rat gives exactly the opposite traits, which is lacking in the Calf. The rat is capable of risky action (to go to another country without a penny in his pocket, for future success), does not shun healthy competition, is able to keep his nose to the wind.

The dignity of the Taurus Rat is the ability, when necessary, to “shove ahead,” and when necessary, defer until later, the storm of fate fed with the stomach. In addition, Calves born in the year of the Rat, as a rule, always pulled and not full-bodied, with a “magical” way depends on the presence or absence of physical activity.

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