Taylor swift played a major role in rousing the musical: the trailer

Тейлор Свифт сыграла главную роль в зажигательном мюзикле: появился трейлер

American pop singer Taylor swift became the heroine of the Broadway musical “Cats” (Cats). Filming the film adaptation has been the company Universal Pictures, which has released the first official trailer.

The plot of the musical is the life of cats of different breeds from the tribe of the elect. Every year they gather at the ceremonial ball, where people come from all over the world. During the landmark events of the cats put on a real party with dancing, singing and Frank stories. In every story the main character seemed to prove why they are the chosen and must belong to the Tribe.

The Director of the incendiary film “Cats” was Tom Hooper. It was he who decided to film the famous Broadway musical created by Andrew Lloyd Ezberim in 1981. The Director has invited famous Hollywood beauties for the main roles, which caused considerable interest in the film. Thus, the film can be seen Taylor swift, Judi Dench, Jennifer Hudson and rebel Wilson. In addition, “Cats” was played by the famous Idris Elba.

The shooting of the film began in the summer of 2018, what Taylor swift said in his blog. Now the authors of the project published the debut trailer, which conquers the network. The world premiere is scheduled for December 19, 2019.

See the first trailer for the film “Cats”: video

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