Tea for two: What not to do, Sagittarius February 14?

Valentine’s day will be for Zodiac happy if will be “the classics”.

Чай вдвоём: Чего не стоит делать Стрельцам 14 февраля?

February 14 marks Valentine’s Day. Someone is celebrating it in a romantic setting, but someone more like a loud party. For archers not lonely Valentine’s Day can end with pleasant emotions or scandal. It all depends on what the representatives of the Sign planned for tonight.

Coincidentally, 2020 February 14 is a Friday. The day itself is “hints” for relaxation after the working week. Many people are under the “relaxation” is understood a meeting with friends, not lying down watching TV. Therefore, it is tempting to spend the Day of love in a noisy environment. This is the only thing archers should not do today.

Sociable and always welcoming Sagittarians, this year are “not at ease”. Home planet of the Zodiac makes a transit to Capricorn, being in a state of decline. This means that in 2020, the Jupiter does not give archers their qualities, and, in particular, is the sociability. Representatives of the Sign will be uncomfortable to feel on February 14 in a group of people, and Mars in Sagittarius may add fuel to the fire. The result is not a celebration of love, and “ice”.

Чай вдвоём: Чего не стоит делать Стрельцам 14 февраля?

So Valentine’s Day has left pleasant emotions, Sagittarius is recommended to note its “the classics”. In other words, to meet February 14 with your loved one tete-a-tete in a romantic atmosphere. No matter whether it’s a journey, viewing the show or tea for two by the fireplace. The main thing in this night to do “without prying eyes.” They are – Archers 2020.

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