Technical inspection engines: update – Motokicx

Technical inspection engines: update – Motokicx

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Technical inspection engines: update – Motokicx

After pushing through a few rounds of hot potato and especially creating as little clarity as possible while the deadline crept mercilessly closer, a number of decisions were finally made: the Flemish Government announces that there is a fundamental approval for the technical inspection of engines.

From 1 January 2022, motorcycles must undergo an inspection upon sale and after an accident. Motorcycles will therefore not be subject to a periodic inspection.

Not all types of motorcycles fall under the new obligation. Specifically, it concerns the following vehicles:

– motorcycles of the categories L3e (motorcycles), L4e (sidecars), L5e (tricycles) and L7e (quads)

– motorcycles with an internal combustion engine with a cylinder capacity greater than 125cc

– electric or hybrid motorcycles with a maximum power > 11 kW and a maximum speed > 45 km/h

Lighter motorcycles therefore do not have to go to the inspection for the time being.

The inspection will take place in a limited number of inspection centers, spread throughout Flanders. A separate line for motorcycles will be set up in those inspection centers. How much the inspection should cost has not yet been determined, but the government does indicate that the rate will be slightly lower than what you pay for the non-periodic inspection of a passenger car (60 euros).

Now that there has been approval in principle, the Government of Flanders will request advice from the Flemish Advisory Committee on the Administrative Industry and the Council of State. In addition, further consultations will also be held with the other regions so that a uniform inspection for motorcycles can be implemented. There is also further coordination with GOCA Flanders and interest groups. After all these recommendations (and any adjustments) have been processed, there is a final approval from the Flemish Government. It is expected this fall.