Tenor Vojtko will appear in the renewed production of the musical Vampire Ball

Tenor Vojtko will appear in the renewed production of the musical Vampire Ball


Tenor Marian Vojtko (pictured on June 11, 2022).

Prague – From September 16, tenor Marian Vojtko will return to Prague in the role of Count Krolock in the renewed musical adaptation of Roman Polanski's comedy Ball of the Vampires. The Thalia Award winner, who is currently a member of the ensemble 4 Tenors, will celebrate his 50th birthday at the same venue in a performance of Phantom of the Opera this Saturday. The anniversary falling on March 20 will be commemorated at the next birthday concert on October 3 at the O2 universum. Vojtko said this in an interview for ČTK.

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“Since in my life I sing about nothing but love in its many forms, I will stick to this immortal and inexhaustible theme in this concert as well. With such a strong theme as love, you can work endlessly.” stated.

After his operatic career, Vojtko succeeded on the Czech musical scene, where he is one of the most popular performers. He has more than two dozen leading roles to his credit. His first big opportunity in the musical world was in 1998 when he participated in Karel Svoboda's Dracula. “When I auditioned for the musical Dracula as a young boy, they told me that it wouldn't work like that with a pure operatic voice, that I had to dirty it up with a different kind of singing. My professor and I tried it with a more throaty voice, like popular music singers do, and I succeeded,” said Vojtko, who played and sang the roles of the Priest and Steven in Dracula.

After Dracula, Vojtek was invited to audition for Monte Cristo, which has been playing since 2000 in the Congress Center. He was already cast in the lead role in it. He played the role of the priest Štěpán Skotnica in Svoboda's last musical Golem. And in the renewed premiere of the musical Dracula, he played the title role. “My Prague musical era began in 2000. And Karel Svoboda was and will remain our greatest and unsurpassed composer for me,” he stated.

Vojtko also played in the musicals Kleopatra, Pomáda, Jekyll & Hyde, Angelica, The Three Musketeers, Mona Lisa, The Soap Opera, Quasimodo, Les Miserables, The Key of Kings, Aida, Casanova, Mata Hari, The Phantom of the Opera, The Vampire Ball or The Man in the Iron Mask. For his role in the musical Baron Prášil, he received the Thalia Award in 2010 for the best male performance in a musical, operetta or other musical-dramatic genre. can't get around. Actually, at that time there were two big voices and two big guys on the musical scene – Daniel Hůlka and me. Today, the competition is bigger,” he declared.

Vojtko was also active on the opera scene for a long time. Among other things, between 2000 and 2010 he worked as a guest at the Moravian-Silesian National Theater in Ostrava. “I was more of a lyrical tenor, I sang a lot of Mozart, but then I was attracted by the musical world. However, I do not reject opera and I always sing something at concerts,” he noted. Grimaux and painting. “I imagined it to be simple, but painting is hard. You have to be patient, which I am not, but it's so relaxing for me. I already have 17 paintings, so I need about five more to make it to the exhibition,” he said.< /p>

In addition to his musical career, Vojtko is a member of the ensemble 4 Tenors, also formed by Pavle Vítek, Michal Bragagnol and Jan Kříž. Together they released two albums, for the sales of which they received platinum and gold records. “None of us had any idea that it would be such a success. I've always been a soloist and suddenly we're four guys next to each other. But it works, everyone knows where their place is,” stated Vojtko.