Teo Taxi: Legault remains cautious in the face of the demands of Taillefer

Téo Taxi: Legault demeure prudent face aux demandes de Taillefer

Photo: Paul Chiasson, The canadian Press
The prime minister Legault said on Wednesday to be willing to “help” a buyer who would be interested by the technology division of Teo Taxi, but no more.

Alexandre Taillefer is out of his silence on Wednesday to propose to the prime minister François Legault five ways to “save the furniture” in the aftermath of the announcement of the closure of Teo Taxi. The government, however, refrained from answering directly.

The prime minister Legault said on Wednesday to be willing to “help” a buyer who would be interested by the technology division of Teo Taxi, but no more.

“We want to reorient Investissement Québec to create jobs for more than $ 50,000 per year. If we talk about the taxi drivers at $ 15 per hour, these are not jobs of $ 50,000 per year”,-he said on the sidelines of the caucus présessionnel of the Coalition avenir Québec, in Gatineau.

“It would take a buyer who, as they say in the jargon, gets to the bat, invests his own money because he believes in it, and then we could accompany him. “

For the millions of dollars swallowed up in Teo Taxi in the form of investments or subsidies, Mr. Legault account to do a balance sheet, but without the launch of” survey ” or ” witch-hunt “.

Five recommendations

Alexandre Taillefer broke his silence Wednesday by publishing in The Press+ an open letter to the prime minister Legault. It makes five recommendations in order to ” save the spirit of Teo “.

Mr. Taillefer, inter alia, calls on the government to support the development of the technology division of Teo, leaving the time to Investissement Québec to find a strategic partner.


Customers are afraid of losing their money

Customers of Teo Taxi, which benefited from a discount in the Holiday season to get your hands on a gift card do not know what will happen to their remaining credits. Marie-Helene Boudrias is part of those who have purchased a gift card in December and who have seen their balance is clear with the closure of Teo Taxi. It is suspected the company should have offered a discount to the full cash even though she knew that the end was approaching. The leaders of Taxelco respond that they would like to allow customers to spend the money on a gift card for Taxi Diamond, but that nothing is down for the moment. “We never had the intention of short-changing our clients so that they are at the heart of our development strategy, they argued Wednesday in a written statement. Despite the difficulties, our intention has always been to maintain the activities. The decision to cease activities has been taken very recently. ”

It also proposes to allow a flexible tariff according to the supply and demand in the taxi industry, to amend the regulations on the minimum wheelbase of vehicles to allow cars of Teo to be used in the taxi industry traditional and to add the charging stations of Teo Taxi to the electrical Circuit, the network of public charging stations, Hydro-Québec.

The Crown Corporation says it is open to this idea, but it must first meet the leaders of Teo Taxi before take a decision, ” said a spokesman for Hydro-Québec Louis-Olivier Batty.

The leaders of the Taxis in the Greater Montreal (TGM) and the Grouping of intermediate taxi Québec (RITQ) have responded to the letter of the founder of Teo Taxi, stressing that “the regulatory framework of the taxi is an old-fashioned” and that it ” deserves to be modernized and standardized for all carriers, without exception “.

Taillefer bears the blame

In an interview on the airwaves of several radio stations on Wednesday morning, Alexandre Taillefer has agreed to wear the blame for the decline of Teo Taxi, acknowledging that it has acted as the investor, but not quite as a contractor. He said that it had invested $ 6 million of his pockets into the adventure, and suffered losses of at least $ 1.5 million.

He also apologised to the 455 drivers who have lost their jobs. Some of them could find work within Keolis Canada, who was invited Wednesday to the drivers licensees to apply to fill fifty positions in urban transit, intercity, school and airport.

The ex-” Dragon ” has also said that he regrets having accepted the position of president of the last election campaign the liberal Party of Quebec and he has no intention of succeeding Philippe Couillard as leader of the political formation.

With Marco Bélair-Cirino


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