Terrorism, from Isis threats to Italy and to Minister Di Maio: “That is Rome and we will enter it without false promises&#

Terrorism, from Isis threats to Italy and to Minister Di Maio: “That is Rome and we will enter it without false promises&#

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Terrorism, from Isis threats to Italy and to Minister Di Maio: “That is Rome and we will enter it without false promises&#

Terrorism and threats to Italy, Di Maio in the crosshairs of Isis. The concerns of our country for the presence ofIsis in Africa and the meeting of anti-Daesh coalition chaired by the Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, and by the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, “In the Rome of the Crusaders” were the subject of the editorial in the last issue of ISIS weekly, Al Naba.

“The heaviest and most important dossier on the table of the alliance of the crusaders in Rome is the teaema of Africa and the Sahel region“, Reads the piece published on Thursday 8 July. “The Italian Foreign Minister admitted that ‘it is not enough’ to fight Isis in Iraq and Syria, but we must look at ‘other regions’ in which it is present, he defined ‘worrying’ the expansion of the Islamic state in Africa and the Sahel, stating that protecting the region means protecting Europe“. It is the first time that Minister Di Maio is expressly mentioned by Isis.

There is no doubt that the fears of Rome are well founded“, Continues the piece,”the mujahideen threatened Rome from the deserts of Iraq … and the mujahideen of the Islamic state are still waiting for the fulfillment of the promise made to them by God the Almighty: this is Dabiq, this is Ghouta, this is Jerusalem and that is Rome, we will surely enter it, epic battles are coming“.

Isis threatens Italy and Di Maio, solidarity with the Italian foreign minister

“The only possible answer to the threats to our country and to the Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio by ISIS is the unity of the whole community. These are threats that affect Europe, our history and our culture. My greatest closeness and solidarity ”. So on Twitter the mayor of Turin Chiara Hangers.

“Solidarity with Minister Luigi Di Maio for the threats received from Isis. Our commitment to the fight against terrorism does not stop. We are united against all violence, for freedom and democracy. Luigi we are by your side ”, the tweet of the mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi.

“Full solidarity with Luigi Di Maio, who ended up in the crosshairs of Isis. It had been years since one of our foreign ministers had received no explicit threats. Intolerable today more than ever: Mario Draghi’s Italy is solid in its national identity, proud of its position in the bed of Western, European and Atlantic civilization, the enemy of all fundamentalism, firm in the fight against the expansion of Islamic terrorism in North Africa and in the sub-Saharan states, to protect the whole of Europe and, above all, our country, the natural entrance of jihadist terrorism ”. So in a note Renato Brunetta, Minister for Public Administration.

“Isis threatens Luigi Di Maio with death. It is proof that our Foreign Minister is also doing an excellent job for our security. Luigi will go forward with even more strength and determination to work for Italy and against terrorism ”. So Stefano Buffagni, M5S, expresses its solidarity with Di Maio on Twitter.

“We express full solidarity with Luigi Di Maio who is targeted, together with our country, by the threats published by the Isis weekly al Naba. Italy’s commitment, as well as the minister’s personal commitment, towards ISIS will continue stronger than before. Only a few days ago the ministerial meeting of the anti-Daesh coalition was held for the first time in Rome, an event that concretely testifies to the great effort that our country is making to counter Isis at an international level. We gather around Di Maio, firm in the conviction of not always having to keep the attention on terrorism high ”. This is what was stated in a note by deputies and deputies of the 5 Star Movement in the Foreign Affairs Committee and in the EU Policies Committee.

“I express solidarity with Minister Luigi Di Maio, the target of the unacceptable threats published by the Isis weekly al Naba. To him all my personal closeness, sure that he will not be intimidated by these cowardly attacks ”. This was stated by the minister of economic development, Giancarlo Giorgetti.

“The threats from ISIS do not intimidate the Italians, nor the Italian government, nor the Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, to whom I also want to personally attest to solidarity and closeness. The idea that fundamentalist barbarism can take over Rome is simply ridiculous: they did not frighten the West yesterday, they will not frighten it today ”. He states this in a note Mara Carfagna, Minister for the South and Territorial Cohesion.

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