Tesla Supercharger, Record Earnings Estimated |  FormulaPassion.it

Tesla Supercharger, Record Earnings Estimated | FormulaPassion.it

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Tesla Supercharger, Record Earnings Estimated |  FormulaPassion.it

Tesla’s decision to put its own network Supercharger available to electric car customers of every other automaker by the end of the year will generate significant earnings for the US brand. To predict how much money could go into the coffers of Elon Musk’s company was Goldman Sachs: the investment bank has no doubts, Tesla could earn up to 25 billion dollars every year. Supporting the estimate made by Goldman Sachs is the hypothesis that Tesla will make non-Tesla owners pay higher rates.

Supercharger open to all, Tesla’s announcement

“Opening your own network would be an important opportunity as the fleet of electric vehicles grows”, explained the investment bank. We remind you that to date the Supercharger charging network has more than 3,000 stations and about 25,000 total charging points. To this must be added the fact that this network will grow over time, hand in hand with electric vehicles, up to 500,000 magazines overall. In short, many more columns and higher rates for those who use them and do not have a Tesla-branded vehicle: two aspects that suggest important earnings for Elon Musk and associates. Just the same number one of the US brand had announced a few days ago its decision to make the Supercharger network available to everyone by the end of 2021, a decision that had triggered conflicting reactions among the company’s customers.