Test Review 2021 Facelift Dacia Duster LPG

Test Review 2021 Facelift Dacia Duster LPG

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Test Review 2021 Facelift Dacia Duster LPG

What is this?

Even after the facelift, the Dacia Duster remains an SUV from the C-segment with the price tag of the B-segment. Surprisingly, no other manufacturer has followed this tactical example, which nevertheless proves to be very lucrative: 1,928,070 units have been sold since 2010 – not to mention the cars that bear the Dacia brand logo. Now the Romanian Renault subsidiary is getting a few modern tweaks to continue that success story.

On the outside, these evolutions are mainly reflected in the LED headlights and their new Y signature. This also makes the Duster the first Dacia to show off turn signals that use LED technology. Together with the new 16 and 17-inch rims and the new rear spoiler, this eco-lighting is said to provide a CO2– saving up to 6 g/km. And then we immediately had the most important improvements. The rest is just a matter of details. For example, the front parts of the roof rails are now made of black plastic to prevent them from getting scratched when off-roading.

Inside, there are new upholstery and new headrests (taken from the Sandero), which are more ergonomic and less obstructing the view of the rear passengers, as well as a brand new center console with an adjustable armrest (and with two USB connections depending on the version to power to the rear passengers), as well as a new touchscreen in the center of the dashboard. The latter has a diameter of 8 inches and is available in two versions, with or without navigation, the latter mainly playing the role of smartphone duplicator thanks to its compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Also new are the backlit cruise control buttons grouped on the steering wheel. Subtle detail: a real (metal) footrest now relieves the left foot.

What is changing?

The renewed Duster can count on two generations of TCe petrol engines: on the one hand the 1.0 TCe 90 (with 999 cc and multi-point injection) and on the other hand the recent 1.3 TCe (with direct injection and 130 or 150 hp). The first is also available in a version that runs on LPG: the Eco-G 100. Finally, there is also a diesel, the dCi 115. So no big surprises, except that the automatic gearbox returns in the range, but only in combination with the TCe 150. In this case, it is the EDC six-speed automatic transmission, which is tuned to save fuel. This powertrain propels the Duster to a top speed of almost 200 km/h.