Texas is suing the California

Техас судится с Калифорнией

Texas has filed a lawsuit against California because of a law prohibiting authorities-sponsored trip.

California law prohibits official visits to the States, which the state considers to be discriminatory against LGBT people – all of these regions 11. Texas filed a lawsuit in the Supreme court seeking the abolition of this rule.

California legislators passed a ban on paid from the budget in 2016 once in North Carolina a law was passed that required people to use bathrooms based on gender at birth. California attorney General Xavier Becerra added Texas to the list prohibited to be paid by the authorities to the States in 2017 after the region passed a law allowing the providers to care for children to refuse to provide services that violate their religious beliefs. This law, according to California legislators, allows the discrimination of children from families of LGBT people or do these adoptive parents.

In Texas believe that the ban amounted to “economic sanctions”, since it deprives the state of tax revenues from hotels and other businesses that could make money for traveling Californians.

The attorney General of Texas Ken Paxton (Ken Paxton) asks the Supreme court to overturn the travel ban because he is “infected with a hostility toward religion” in violation of Federal laws about interstate Commerce and discriminary business owners in Texas.

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