The 18-team hockey team outclassed Germany 7:1 at the WC and has its first win

The 18-team hockey team outclassed Germany 7:1 at the WC and has its first win

The hockey team outclassed Germany 7:1 at the WC and won the first game

Ice hockey – illustrative photo.

Porrentruy (Switzerland) – The Czech hockey players defeated Germany 7:1 in their second match at the U18 World Championship and scored their first win in Group A. Two goals Eduard Šalé and Vojtěch Hradec participated in the victory of coach Jakub Petr's wards, Jakub Dvořák collected three points for a goal and two assists.

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“The result is very important. Over the years, whether in the 18 or 20, we know that there is one match that you have to win,” said coach Petr, pointing to the previous loss against Slovakia. Today's win significantly advanced the Czech Republic to advance to the quarterfinals. “A huge stone fell from the hearts of the players and the implementation team. We were the favorites and managed to win. I think the boys handled it very well,” added the forty-nine-year-old coach.

The Czech team had an ideal start to the game . After 16 seconds of the game, Sumpf was sent off, and a second before his return, Židlický opened the scoring, beating goalkeeper Ankirchner after Šimko's pass.

Vochvest was sent off in the middle of the first period, but the Germans did not manage to equalise, on the contrary, they conceded a second time. Šalé showed his speed, who got to the break and did not hesitate in the end.

“I drove forward after the ball. I saw that Beci was standing carefully and I had speed, so I kicked and with a bit of luck I hit the goal, I drove almost alone to the goal and finally it fell there,” Šalé smiled.

In the 13th minute, Dvořák first hit the post, a few seconds later Štancl was fouled on the break and the Czechs got the advantage of a free kick. Šalé drove at Ankirchner and subdued him for the second time. “I knew what I was going to do. I believed in it, so I did what I can. I was clear about that,” said the Brno attacker. , when after 36 seconds Dvořák came through and kicked Ankirchner out of the goal. His successor Willerscheid did not last long with a clean sheet, Hradec overcame him in the 24th minute. The same player was among the scorers in the next substitution and thus imitated Šalé.

The Czech team subsequently had a number of other chances, but did not overcome Willerscheid. Šalé was close to a hat trick, and he pushed the puck over the goal line, but the referee did not recognize his goal due to illegal contact with the goalkeeper. Even the coach's call from the Czech implementation team didn't change anything.

“A hat trick would have been nice, but I don't regret it. I missed the puck and my opponent somehow luckily kicked it there when I was having fun with him. Normally it would probably apply, but apparently there was no other record,” said Šalé about the questionable situation from the 35th minute.

The Czechs had an ideal chance to add more goals at the beginning of the final period, when German captain Tropmann went to the cabin with a higher penalty for a foul on Dominik Petra, but they were unable to overcome Willerscheid. Both teams subsequently had several more chances and both succeeded once. First, Brandl deprived Hrabal of a clean sheet, but Dominik Petr had the last word.

The next match in the group awaits the Czech team on Sunday, when they will face Sweden, the one-hundred-percent defending champions. “For me, Sweden is the biggest favorite of the tournament. We played them four times in the season and we won once and lost three times. But for me, they have made the most progress throughout the season,” said coach Petr.

Championship of the under-18 hockey world in Switzerland:

Group A (Porrentruy):

Czech Republic – Germany 7:1 (3:0, 3:0, 1:1 )

Goals and assists: 3. Židlický (Šimek, Dvořák), 11. Šalé, 14. Šalé from penalty. shooting, 21. Dvořák (Felcman, Fábry), 24. Hradec (Dvořák, A. Jiříček), 26. Hradec (Kučera, Matějíček), 59. D. Petr (Jecho, Eichler) – 57. Brandl (Bicker, Homann) . Referee: Cadieux (Can.), Eriksson (Sweden.) – Dalsgaard (Den.), Durmis (SR). Exclusion: 8:4, extra Tropmann (Germany) 5 min. and until the end of the match. Use: 1:0. In weakening: 1:0. Spectators: 787.

CR squad: Hrabal – A. Jiříček, Kočí, Matějíček, Dvořák, Vochvest, Skok, Eichler – Židlický, Felcman, Štancl – Šimek, D. Petr, Šalé – Jecho, Holinka, Csabi – Fábry, Hradec, Kučera – Adámek. Coach: Jakub Petr.


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1. Sweden 2 2 0 0 0 13:3 6
2. Czech Republic 2 1 1 0 9:4 4
3. Canada 2 1 0 0 1 8:8 3
4. Slovakia 2 0 1 0 1 6:7 2
5. Germany 2 0 0< /td>

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