The Ascent patch is now available, improving stability, translation and much more

The Ascent patch is now available, improving stability, translation and much more

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The Ascent patch is now available, improving stability, translation and much more

Neon Giant The Ascent’s engaging and deep gameplay has given a lot to talk about since it was released, due to its frenetic combat system and the overall good reviews it has received. However, it has not been without problems and bugs which have clouded the experience a bit. As a result of the above, it is that The new patch for The Ascent is now available, which improves stability, translation and much more.

Through its official website, Curve Digital has released the patch notes, which are quite long and extend to all kinds of improvements, from the stability of the game itself to translations and mission fixes. The weight of the patch is 6.3 GB on Xbox Series X and it is now available to update.

The Ascent patch is now available

The Ascent Review – Xbox Series X

Here are the patch notes:

Stability (all platforms):

  • Fixes to improve performance in DX12, also with Ray Tracing.
  • Note to players: On the first run of the update, there will be a 20-25 second “deadlock” when loading the main menu to allow some caching to occur before playing. This is a one-time event.
  • Ray Tracing is now available to players on the Windows Store.
  • Improved NPC charge.
  • CPU performance mode for low-end PCs.
  • Fixed numerous “one-time” crash cases for both.
  • Single player and cooperative on ALL platforms. (A few other cases remain, we are working hard to resolve them for the next update.)
  • Local Coop fixes Player 1 and Player 2 having controller focus issues in certain menus.
  • Many other bug fixes have been made to improve Coop stability both locally and online, including fixes when drivers disconnect, issues when 3 players start a new game, and fixes when internet connection becomes unstable.
  • Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances a black screen would appear at the end of Mission 12.
  • Fixed an issue where it sometimes takes too long to return to the main menu after the game.
  • Fixed issues where loading the area was slower for the customer joining the game after the host used the taxi.
  • Fixed some weapon replication issues in Online Coop.
  • Fixed some cross-platform hot join issues where clients were having trouble connecting to the host.
  • Fix for crash seen in some cases at the end of main mission 04 (Spiderboss fight).
  • Fixed crash when losing internet connection during ‘create game’ sequence.

Save progress (all platforms):

  • A new system was introduced to avoid situations where saved files could be corrupted.
  • Fixed situations in Coop where the Host leaving the game could cause the Client to lose progress.
  • Fixed situations in Coop where players can experience progression blockers in certain situations.
  • Fixed the issue where a Client’s items would unequip after a Host disconnected.
  • Fixed an issue where a customer could lose connection when joining a game in progress.

Gameplay (all platforms):

  • Fixed an achievement issue where the main quest and side quest could be unlocked under the wrong conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where the mission objective during “Go-To Grinder” in Mission 2 would not update.
  • Fixed the issue where multiple bosses could spawn. eg Papa Feral, Megarachnoid (Spider Boss), Gun-Dolph.
  • Fixed Casino Messaging Side Quests 1 – 5 where you couldn’t continue at times due to a lack of NPCs.
  • Fixed custom camera for “Dark Horse” side quest.
  • Fixed custom camera for Bartender in Stimtown.
  • Fixed the situation where sometimes “Dark Horse” could not be completed due to the NPC remaining in a scared state.
  • Fixed an issue where Volatile Augment when used on neutrals had no effect.
  • Fixed an issue where the siege bot in the prison could disappear after a player died.
  • Fixed the issue where the Snooze Dealer Journal map icon was a white square.
  • Fixed the damage scaling on the Pocket Mech minigun to make it more powerful as you level up.
  • Allows the use of certain magnifications while riding.
  • Balanced cost / cooling / efficiency of Life Transfer, Neutron Beam and Overclock

Translation (all platforms):

  • Many fixes have been made to fix cases where English would appear instead of the correct language.
  • Work continues to improve the quality of translations, as well as to correct more general errors.
  • Fixed an issue in Japanese where text would overlap in the intro scene.

Various other fixes (all platforms):

  • Fixed an issue where the death screen would replace the SFX and VO after defeating the Megarachnoid.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes in Dreamworld SFX shots could be heard with no enemies present.
  • Cyberdeck visible in Journal
  • The news now ringing in the taxi
  • Film grain toggle added to Graphics menu
  • Fixed Dismemberer firing SFX that might be missing for Clients.
  • Fixed Auto Turret and Pocket Mech previews on vendors.
  • Fixed the collision box for Cluster 13 Metrolink inputs.
  • Various UI fixes.

The Ascent patch is now available, improving stability, translation and much more

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