The attack in Tel Aviv left one dead and two injured, the attacker was neutralized

The attack in Tel Aviv left one dead and two injured, the attacker was neutralized

A flood in Tel Aviv left one dead and two injured, ú

Police officers in Tel Aviv March 9, 2023.

Tel Aviv – One person died today in a shooting attack in Tel Aviv, Israel a person and two others were injured. The AFP agency reports this with reference to medical professionals. Police said it was a terrorist attack by a Palestinian radical who had been “neutralized”.

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According to the police, the attacker started shooting at people sitting in front of the cafe, after which he fled the scene and continued shooting. He died after a shootout with police and armed civilians. Israeli media reported that he was a 23-year-old Palestinian and a member of the Islamist movement Hamas, who lived in the West Bank and did not have a permit to enter Israel. According to The Jerusalem Post, he was previously imprisoned twice in Israel for illegal possession of weapons.

Three people aged between 20 and 30 were injured in the attack. One of them later succumbed to his injuries. According to The Jerusalem Post website, another is in moderate condition due to a gunshot wound, the last one suffered minor injuries.

The server, referring to footage from the scene published on social networks, writes that there may have been two attackers. According to the paper, the Tel Aviv police chief said that one terrorist had been shot and that a second possible perpetrator was being sought.

Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldaj, meanwhile, urged protesters to go home. Israelis have been demonstrating since the beginning of the year against a controversial judicial reform being pushed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government, with large-scale protests taking place today. The Prime Minister, who flew to Rome this afternoon, was informed about the events in Tel Aviv during a visit to the synagogue. He later said that he and the woman wished the injured a speedy recovery and that he would continue to strengthen the security forces in the fight against terrorism.