The award for excellent cinematography went to Dušan Husár and Adam Mach

The award for excellent cinematography went to Dušan Husár and Adam Mach

The award for the best cinematography went to Dušan Husár and Adam Mach

Illustration photo – Cameraman Dušan Husár (pictured on July 5, 2022).

Prague – The award of the Association of Czech Cameramen (AČK) for outstanding cinematography was given to Dušan Husár for the film Banger directed by Adam Sedlák and Adam Mach for the film Suspicion directed by Michal Blašek. The awards were presented today in the Lucerna cinema in Prague. In other categories, the association awarded, among others, cameramen Jakub Vrbik and Jana Hojdová. The cameraman Věra Štinglová was awarded the lifetime achievement award.

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Věra Štinglová was born in Prague in 1928. She was interested in photography, she worked at the Langhans company, where she learned and first came into contact with professional photography in the studio. At FAMU, she was the first woman to graduate with a degree in camera. After graduating from school in 1955, she was accepted into the newly established Czechoslovak Television. She got a job as the main cameraman in the editorial office of a broadcast for children and youth, where mainly fairy tales were produced, but also journalistic programs such as Zvědavá kamera or Laštovka. She collaborated with important directors such as Jaromil Jireš, Ludvík Ráža, Vlasta Janečková, Věra Jordánová and Jiří Krejčík. As a cameraman, she participated in approximately 1,300 programs.

Dušan Husár received the award for outstanding cinematography for his involvement in the creation of the film Banger. At the jury, he stood among the cinematographers of 11 other nominated films, including the Great Premiere, The Last Race, Il Boemo, Shadow Play, Světlonoc and Arvéd, where Husár was also behind the camera. The award for outstanding cinematography on television was given to Adam Mach for the film Suspicion. The jury chose him from eight nominees who worked on titles such as Nineties, Five Years, Maria Theresia or Background of events. The recognition intended for students of the camera department of film schools in the Czech Republic for an extraordinary achievement in the field of visual concept of the film was awarded to Filip Hájek, a student of the FAMU Department of Camera, for the dance etude Impulsium by choreographer Michaela Dzurovčínová.

Filip Hájek has been interested in the camera since he was eight years old, he took his first amateur pictures as a child. After graduation, he studied for less than two years at the Michael Higher Film School in Prague, from where he transferred to FAMU. There, he works with Vojta Konečný, a student of the department of directing, with whom he shot the film Rose in the Dark, which made it to the Camerimage film festival in Toruń, Poland, in the Film and Art School Etudes Panorama section. During his studies, he gained experience in cooperation with Czech and foreign productions, for example with the series The Wheel of Time, Bohéma or Journey to the Ocean. film She is found by the one who is looking for director Petr Michal. The jury awarded the prize for cinematographically beneficial work to a collective of war correspondents for the film Good Old Czechs by director Tomáš Bojar, and also to cameraman Janá Hojdová for the film A punk aka láska by director Šimon Holé. The award for advertising went to David Hofmann for the Česká spořitelna commercial directed by Přemysl Ponáhlé and Jan Kalvoda.