The band O5 and Radeček moved the Valentine's Day tour to bigger halls due to great interest

The band O5 and Radeček moved the Valentine's Day tour to bigger halls due to great interest

The band O5 and Radeček moved their Valentine's tour to Vétscaron due to great interest ;ích&saalů

On July 22, 2020, the group O5 and Radeček started the Rooftop Tour 2020 on the roof of the Kotva department store in Prague. Singer Tomáš Polák is on the right.

Prague – The band O5 and Radeček moved the upcoming Valentine's Day tour, Romantic String Quartet with the Ceremony String Quartet, to larger halls due to great interest. The tour will start on February 13 in Liberec, followed by Prague's Žofín Palace, Šumperk and will end on February 16 with a performance in the concert hall of the Moravian Philharmonic in Olomouc. Songs like Vloupám se, Praha, Máš me na svodí, Sex ve sprše or Praha will be heard in string arrangements. The band's guitarist Ondřej Polák and frontman Tomáš Polák told ČTK.

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The Romantic Strings concert series follows on from last year's Rooftop Tour, during which they also added several performances. “Adding concerts in the case of the Rooftop Tour was nice, but this is our first bigger tour. And even if we have to add concerts and look for bigger halls, it's very nice and we thank the fans very much for that,” said frontman Tomáš Polák .

The band moved the concert in Šumperk from the hall of the municipal theater to the Oko cinema, which has a third larger capacity. On Wednesday, February 15, in addition to the original performance, an added second concert will take place here. In Prague, Romantic Strings will be heard in the great hall of the Žofín Palace. Here, the concert was originally announced in the ground floor hall with a maximum capacity of 400 people, but the advance sale exceeded that. “We wanted them to be nice halls, not some kind of gymnasium. We tried to preserve a certain uniqueness, these are halls for an average of 500 people,” noted Tomáš Polák. “Maybe in the sold-out Šumperk, we could have moved to bigger spaces, but that would have lost its charm,” added his brother Ondřej.

The accompanying string ensemble of the Olomouc Philharmonic Ceremony String Quartet is composed of violinists Michal Mareš and Igor Kopytowicz, Dominika Mužíková, who plays the viola, and cellist Jaroslava Petrová. “They are all concert masters, so we hope that people will appreciate that they will have the opportunity to hear such fighters. We use strings a lot, both of our guitarists can play the violin. After all, we met in a chamber orchestra, and guitarist Radek Sekyra is still a conductor today . So the work is not completely new for us, but we will be playing with a quartet like this for the first time,” said Ondřej Polák.

According to the musicians, the tour called Romantic Strings on Valentine's Day is dedicated to all those in love and those who are looking for love. “When the single “Romanticky smyčce” did well, we thought about how to follow it up. And we found out that surprisingly no one does a Valentine's Day tour. They told us that the Czechs don't like this holiday very much. We also wondered if it wasn't a bit of discrimination fans who want to come alone or with a friend. But according to ticket sales, it's clear that people understand that it's also for singles. On the contrary, we want those who come alone to leave in love. Just like a dating site,” said Tomáš Polák.

The band O5 and Radeček has been playing in an unchanged line-up since 1994. The group played its first concert in 1992 at the Mohelnický dostavník folk festival. In the following years, they toured the biggest folk and country scenes. After a genre change in the late 90s, they switched to pop. The 2004 song Praha (Jedna Holka) brought them to the attention of the general public. This year they also composed the music for the film Cirkus Maximum directed by Artur Kaiser.